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Blizzard has been kind enough to gather all the information from the AMA they held recently and post it on the StarCraft II front page. The AMA has brought out a lot of good answers from Dustin Browder, game director of StarCraft II, Alan Dabiri, lead software engineer, and David Kim, game balance designer.

EnderSword: Do you have plans to hold more tournaments like the WCS this year?

DB: We have not yet finalized our plans for 2013 or beyond. I know our esports team are working really hard on it now and we are talking frequently with esports teams as well as esports organizers.
We do want to do what we can to support the community, but I don't have a really good answer to your question. As soon as we have something solid we will announce it I'm sure.


You can view the full transcript here, and the actual AMA here.

Battle.net - Reddit AMA Full Transcript
Reddit - We are Dustin Browder, Alan Dabiri, and David Kim

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