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The seventh beta patch is out, and can be seen below.



  • The Void Siphon and Entomb abilities have been removed.
  • This unit has a new ability called Pulsar Beam.
    • The Oracle channels a beam at an enemy structure that deals 25 damage every second.
    • 2 mana is drained per second from the Oracle while this ability is channeled.
    • This ability has a range of 5.
  • This unit has a new ability called Time Warp.
    • The Oracle creates a temporal field that slows all ground units’ movement speed within a 3.5 radius by 50%.
    • This ability costs 75 energy to cast
    • This ability can be cast from 9 range.
  • Oracle build time has decreased from 60 to 35 seconds.   


  • Damage has been increased from 25 to 30.
  • The +massive damage bonus no longer requires an upgrade at the Fleet Beacon.
  • +Massive damage has been decreased from 35 to 30.  

Mothership Core

  • This unit has a new ability called Envision.
    • This ability grants the Mothership Core detection for 30 seconds.
    • This ability costs 50 energy to cast.
    • This ability grants detection within the Mothership Core’s sight range (14).
  • The Purify ability no longer grants detection to the Nexus.
  • The Purify ability has been renamed to “Photon Overcharge”.



  • The speed of Burrow Charge has been increased from 2.25 to 3.75.  


  • The duration of Blinding Cloud has been increased from 10 to 14 seconds.  


Spine Crawler

  • This unit now completely blocks pathing when placed next to other structures, including other Spine Crawlers.
    • Zerglings and other small units can no longer squeeze in between Spine Crawlers.
  • The scale of this unit has been increased from 0.85 to 0.95.



  • Transformation to Hellbat no longer requires an upgrade and is enabled once an Armory is built.



Battle.net - Balance Update #7

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