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Today Blizzard released the second episode of their podcast.  This BlizzCast, much like the previous, gives us an in-depth view of Blizzard Entertainment's development process, this time focusing on lore. In BlizzCast Episode 2 Karune interviews Chris Metzen, Vice President of Creative Development and creator of the original StarCraft storyline.  

Karune wrote:
Welcome to our second episode of BlizzCast! We have doubled the length of our second BlizzCast at the popular request of the community, which will begin with an in depth interview of Chris Metzen, our Vice President of Creative Development and creator of our original Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo storylines. In addition, Geoff Goodman, one of our World of Warcraft Designers will be elaborating on Magtheridon's Lair changes in Patch 2.4, which includes new itemization changes. Lastly, we are also adding a new community questions and answers section, to make sure your voices are heard and your questions are answered, by none other than the people making your favorite Blizzard games. Be sure to view the transcript to see all of the artwork.

The BlizzCast is 50 minutes long, twice that of the first episode.  However, it is mostly filled with information about Blizzard's conceptual development process.  Even though no new lore information is released, Andy Chambers still clarifies the red dot that appears on the bottom planet graphic of the StarCraft II website.  The BlizzCast transcript page also contains new HD Terran and Protoss artwork.

BlizzCast Episode 2

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