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Today Blizzard executives Mike Morhaime, Rob Pardo and Frank Pearce took the stage at the DICE Summit to discuss the history of Blizzard. The three spent some time talking about projects that have been canceled over the years, and showed a list of these games - many unknown:

Games People Play, Crixa, Shattered Nations, Pax Imperia, Denizen, Warcraft Adventures, Nomad, Raiko.


The most interesting thing about this list is the absence of a game considered dead - StarCraft: Ghost. Where is it?

The fact that Blizzard hasn't officially scrapped Ghost continues the wave of rumors about a possible comeback of the console FPS. Who knows?


IGN recently wrote an article on the DICE summit, including some interesting quotes from BlizzardFrank Pearce (Senior Vice-President of Product Development) said:
We're kind of like a cockroach. We keep surviving while everything else changes

There you have it, you'd step on one, but would you stop playing Blizzard's games?!  I didn't think so.  There was also mention of Blizzard's policies that allow them to have, by many accounts, a perfect development track record:
One of Blizzard's longstanding credos is ""gameplay first,"" a philosophy that the company hopes makes its games fun and infinitely playable, even if that means spending more time on titles than fans, executives and even the development team might like.

""It's one of the things that makes us infamous for never hitting our ship dates,"" Pardo said.

The company's quest for gameplay perfection manifests itself at crunch time, when the Eye of Sauron falls on any game nearing completion. Flashing a picture of the Eye from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Blizzard group said the company uses the Eye metaphor to keep near-finished games on track.

It's a viewpoint that even resulted in the company pulling programmers working on still-unannounced Starcraft II to help finish World of Warcraft. Finally, Starcraft fans have a concrete reason to blame WoW for their eternal wait.

Let's hope they do the same thing with WotLK developers to get StarCraft II finished on time.  Anyway, a nice short article to get your direct-to-Blizzard fix, go have a read.

Kotaku.com - Blizzard Has Canceled More Games Than You Know About.
IGN's Article on the DICE Summit

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