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StarCraft Legacy is proud to announce a new collaborative effort to achieve the highest quality of Blizzard event coverage. BlizzLive.com shall be the epicenter of Blizzard event coverage for StarCraft Legacy and the rest of the ORG network:

The ORG Network is pleased to announce a new project created by the collaborative efforts of three of its flagship member sites, StarCraft Legacy, Starcraft.org, and StarCraft 2 Forum. BlizzLive.com is a new site; its purpose  -  providing the best, most accurate, and up-to-date coverage of Blizzard’s events. Our ambitious new project will provide fast, professional coverage of all of Blizzard’s live events. The site’s first event will be this year’s BlizzCon.

Staff members from all three sites will be working together to produce and distribute the best quality content. BlizzCon coverage from our contributing member sites will be exclusively available on BlizzLive. We’ll be covering all of the major news, panels, and events. As a part of our coverage we’re planning the following:

  • Coverage of All Breaking News
  • Photos
  • Video Coverage (talk show style from the floor)
  • Live Blogging
  • Panel Articles and Videos
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • StarCraft II Gameplay Impressions
  • Diablo III Gameplay Impressions

Starting Thursday, August 20th, BlizzLive will go live and the staff will be hosting a live chat to introduce ourselves, gather your last minute questions and speculate on what secrets BlizzCon '09 has to offer. And then on Friday, August 21st, BlizzLive will begin our coverage of BlizzCon 2009. Be sure to bookmark the new site and continually check for updates as we deliver the best of BlizzCon directly to you.
Don't forget to use the reminder below and visit our site Thursday, August 20th at 6 P.M. (PST) for the live Pre-BlizzCon Q&A with our staff on the ground in Anaheim.



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