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"In many places of the world, people are celebrating various forms of Easter. StarCraft: Legacy wishes you a happy weekend.


Blizzard has released a Warcraft-esque map of Paris. You can orient yourself here. The mechanical Gryphon is highly suggested.



StarCraft.org has released an article about the early products of Blizzard Entertainment.

AJ wrote:
While most often our forte is clearly defined as Blizzard Entertainment and the StarCraft universe, we thought it might be appropriate to ask; what games came before the StarCraft series, before the original WarCraft? No, Blizzard didn't just sprout out from nowhere to create many Game of the Year's. They started off like many small gaming companies, creating original, but not blockbuster games, before they made their boom in the gaming industry.

If you are interested in the basic origins of Blizzard, you can read the article here.

Blizzard Entertainment - Worldwide Invitational
StarCraft.org - The Origins of Blizzard Gaming"

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