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Editor's Note: this list is by no means complete. Please see the beta link repository for future updates to this article.


starcraft 2


101 ways to decorate your Starcraft II space marine

  • Provides an interesting gallery of images of all the Raynor Noobz in decoration.
Lack of Starcraft LAN is no big deal
  • Part of Rob Pardo Interview
  • Overall backlash has calmed down, feels that it should not be a big deal
  • We won't know how big a deal it is until the game is out though
Starcraft II can be played offline
  • Part of Rob Pardo Interview
  • While you can play the game offline, he doesn't understand why you wouldn't want to experience more features if you had the option to.
Starcraft: Ghost lives on in Starcraft II
  • Part of [name] Didier interview
  • Part of Starcraft Ghost's resources contributed to the singleplayer campaign of SC2
Cosplay shodown: Gamescom vs Blizzcon
  • Interesting article showcasing cosplay from both blizzcon and gamescon
Keeping things fresh in the Starcraft II expansions
  • Interview with Samwise Didier
  • Discussion about how things can change over the expansions, where the story in a previous story can impact later visits to the same worlds


Blizzcon: Frank Pearce interview
  • Video interview with Frank Pearce
  • Information about WoW: Cataclysm
  • Premium cost mods will be only SC2 at this time


Blizzcon 2009: Art Panel
  • Good written summary of the panel
  • Panel focused on destruction effects and single player tilesets and doodads
  • There are many single player tilesets and doodads that will not be in multiplayer maps due to balance concerns
  • Expect around 5 death animations per unit
  • Expect around 2 destruction animations per building
  • Many death animations, such as the interceptor, will almost always be unique due to physics integration
  • Expect enough easter eggs to "fill a henhouse" per Samwise Didier
Chris Metzen talks more single player and lore
  • Opinions shared on the beginning of the single player campaign
  • When asked about hybrids, Chris Metzen avoided the subject while saying "It will be bitching when you figure it out!"
  • Heroes are more forgiving in single player. "Instead of letting him just blow up and die he takes a knee, he's hurt, and you got to get a Medic there to get him back on his feet."
  • Tychus will be available in some missions
  • There is a "Thor mission" he's unable to elaborate on.
  • Notable quote: "We have never been able to build a story that is, I think, this emotional. This human. To some degree that is a weird word to use, but like: I feel these characters in a way I did not feel my WarCraft characters."
  • The Xel'naga are the "spine of the overarching story" that may not be evident in the first chapter.
  • His favorite newcomer character is Tychus and explains how he was a very fun character to write for.
Incgamers Liveblog
  • Confirmed that they watched and unreleased battle report for SC2 during their Blizzard tour.
Several new gamescom 09 screenshots[list][*]New screenshots from gamescom '09


Mike Morhaime Interview
  • Video
  • Projects in production: Starcraft 2, Battle.net, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Diablo 3
  • Also mentions the new MMO IP can be something that's not been done and could "evolve the genre"
  • When speaking on battle.net, reiterates the "Always connected expirience"
  • Confirms that Starcraft: Ghost is only frozen and they can revisit it in the future as teams free up if teams free up
  • Feels that 2010 is going to be an extremely exciting year for Blizzard.
Battle.net Interview with Greg Canessa
  • Video
  • Interview with Greg Canessa, Project Director / Battle.net
  • Goal is to create the "ultimate competitive arena for everyone"
  • "Always connected expirience" that's deeply integrated with Starcraft
  • Creates an avenue to connect future Blizzard titles
  • Inspiration from social networking to create the Real ID to bring people connected on a real life level
  • They wish to unify the Blizzard community together in a single community that will carry across all games
  • Will help with matchmaking community by many of it's features
  • A lot of focus on the leagues and ladder system that allows for everyone to enjoy, not just niches.
  • Admits previous systems had major issues with inaccuracies, wanting to fix it
  • Examples: Auto-matchmaking system that he feels is the most accurate system out there today.
  • There is a "one way door" for the practice league, which means expirienced players are not able to find a way to get into the league and people can "exit" it.
  • Co-op skirmish mode is for more casual fun against the computer.
  • Marketplace is post-ship, not available right away
  • Vision is about enabling distribution to get their works out efficiently.
  • Can be available "Publically" or "only for your friends"
  • Marketplace can handle all maps, be it multiplayer, singleplayer or campaign based
  • Premium services are theoretically available for people to make back money that they've invested into creating solid mods.
Dance Contest Highlights
  • Video
  • For those who enjoy, this is a quick overview of the majority of the good dances in a summarized format.
Battle.net 2.0 Reveal Trailer
  • Video
  • Recorded footage of the Battle.net 2.0 reveal.
Chris Metzen shows off voicework
  • Video
  • Show's off Chris Metzen's voicework from the previous games including Starcraft.
Showing off the Starcraft 2 Map Editor
  • Video
  • Basic explanation of the achievements of the previous map editors
  • Footage of the data editor's demonstration of the "Uberlisk", "FPS Ghost" and "Lost Viking" demonstrations.

starcraft 2

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