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Gameplay Questions
Lore/Campaign Questions
Production Questions
Online/Battle.net Questions

Gameplay Questions:

What happened to the physics-enabled death animations? Are they there, and if not, why?

Physics-enabled death animations were not in the BlizzCon build of StarCraft II. However, whether physics-enabled deaths will be a toggle-able option in-game remains to be seen.

Does the "hover" status of units still remain in SC2?

Yes. Although in previous builds, there was a small section on a unit's profile that indicated the ground/hover/flying status, in this build its presence was noticeable. However, the hover status still exists, allowing hovering ground units such as the Zerg Drone and Protoss Probe to move over traps such as spider mines without activating them.

Are drop pods still out?
Yes. For the BlizzCon build, the Ghosts' abilities are Cloak, Psi Round (+5 dmg to psionic units), EMP, and Nuclear Strike.

How easy is it for Reapers to use their mines? Is that ability innate or a late-tier upgrade?
It is necessary to upgrade Reapers in order to use their mines. After some testing, it was clear that it was difficult to accurately throw the Reapers' mines. However, the splash damage did make up for the lack of accuracy.

What role does the Hellion/Jackal play in the game, and is it useful enough to justify being able to double-built it at the factory with the reactor add-on?
Currently the Hellion is strong against light ground units. To obtain their full effectiveness, it is better to build Hellions en masse. They are particularly useful against slower units or large groups of weaker units such as Zerglings.

Will the Ghost's EMP ability be AoE like it was in StarCraft before, or will it be effective on a single target only?
The ghosts' EMP ability is AoE, and doesn't require a unit for targeting.

Can an Overlord perform a Creep Drop on space barriers? If so, can units walk across while the creep is present?
An Overlord can only target a creep drop on a targeted area of the ground. The dropped creep will only spread to that ground level, and will not cross barriers or flow onto a different ground level.

Do Swarm Guardians expel Broodlings or Swarms? Are Swarms still emerging from destroyed buildings?
At this point in the game development, Swarm Guardians do shoot Broodlings at their opponents. Also, there is an upgrade available after mutating a Hatchery into a Lair, called Razor Plague that will have any Zerg building release a number of Broodlings upon destruction. It is unclear how many Broodlings are released, but as with all Broodlings, they have a very short lifespan before dying.

Will multiple units be able to burrow in one spot like in StarCraft, and if so how will this affect units with large collision?
At this point in the game, yes. At the end of one game, an experiment was tested by ordering several Ultralisks to burrow into the same spot. They did as they were ordered, and one at a time, they would burrow on top of each other, showing a very close set of Ultralisk carapaces sticking up through the top of the ground. (A side note: a burrowed Ultralisk is more hidden to the player than in previous builds, where the entire top of the unit was visible to the player.) After stacking them while buried, it was time to test unburying them all at once. Instantly every one of the seven or eight Ultralisks popped up out of the ground in a giant blob of thick legs and large scythes, and very quickly separated and moved to a nearby open space, ready for their next order. One point to note is that the AI is far more intelligent than in StarCraft/Brood War, and there was no confusion at all between the Ultralisks as to where they should go in order to avoid their comrades.

What is the current status on team-colored psi for units/buildings?
According to any BlizzCon screenshots and videos, you will notice that the Protoss' team colors have undergone a pleasant change.

Will Colossi interact with water differently than other units?
No, Colossi do not interact with water any differently than any other unit. Even small cracks of a ground barrier (water, space, etc.) are uncrossable, although small walls of varying ground levels are no problem for the Colossi.

What happens if an Immortal gets hit with EMP?
Even with Hard Shields, an Immortal hit with EMP feels the same effect as any other Protoss unit, it loses its shields.

Lore/Campaign Questions:

Will there be many installation-type and non-building missions in the campaign? Are there any sort of mechanics being included to make them more interesting similar to WarCraft 3?
Yes. In order to prevent the monotony of playing the same type of missions, simply building bases and massing forces to destroy your enemy, Blizzard is working to create a campaign of varied mission types. Along with this, the art team is working to perfect a weather system and a day/night transition. (See StarCraft Legacy's article on the BlizzCon StarCraft II Art Panel)

What happened to the remnants of the Confederacy in the Koprulu Sector? Yes, most of the Tarsonian Confederacy's remaining forces were impressed into the Dominion's ranks, but Samir Duran's Resistance Forces and the Confederates in Deceptions prove that this is not the case. There are Confederates out there which have not been accounted for, and we've heard remarkably little from them. Will they be playing a part in the continuation of the StarCraft storyline?

The old Confederacy may play a minor part in the Wings of Liberty.

Production Questions:

What is the ballpark estimate of the project's completion?
This was one of main concerns when ultimately deciding to divide StarCraft II into three parts, that the game could be released, even if it's one campaign and the multi-player, as soon as possible. At this point, it was speculated that Wings of Liberty will be released within 8 months to a year. As less time is necessary for each of the second and third parts, it has been speculated that each will released several months following the previous release.

If the UED return, will they be completely different from the Terran? Is there a possibility that they will come back as a completely new and unique race (playable or not)?
According to Metzen, the Earth hasn't heard from their expeditionary fleet in four years, and assuming the fleet has fallen, has temporarily lost interest in the Koprulu Sector. Whether they are readying themselves to send another fleet or not, there is no evidence to support either. However, it is confirmed that the UED will not be sending another fleet during the events of Wings of Liberty. As for the second and third parts of StarCraft II, there is a possibility, however, it is doubtful, as the main focus of StarCraft II is the mysterious threat that approaches.

Are there any new abilities being experimented with for the Archon or High Templar?
At the BlizzCon 2008 build, High Templar and Archons have not changed their abilities or lack thereof. Although the Archon still lacks special abilities, Blizzard has at several times mentioned that they are experimenting with abilities for the Archon, so rest assured, by the time Wings of Liberty is released, the Archon will (hopefully) have at least one special ability at their disposal.

Are you considering a change of the Carrier model, to be more like an enhanced SC1 Carrier? It looks very different to be the same unit, and seems to have an excess of glowing things, and has a lot of empty space for a capital ship.
Will the Infestor be undergoing any model changes? A lot of people dislike its design, it looks least likely from the Zerg line-up to be able to move underground.
As indicated at the BlizzCon 2008 StarCraft II Art Panel, the art is not finished until the game is released. As always, the art team does search through various forums in order to read through constructive criticism on the current artwork. It was mentioned that the Infestor is one unit confirmed to have an art update planned for it.

Online/Battle.net Questions:

What kind of matchmaking system will Bnet have?
What kind of new features since StarCraft should we expect from the StarCraft II battle.net?
Is resource trading being considered for multiplayer games, and how do you see it impacting team games?

As of this point, everything about battle.net is purely speculative. However, one of the intentions regarding multi-player is an advanced system of statistics for each player that will automatically groups you with other players of similar skill level. This will allow the more-skilled players to match up against people of their own rank, and the lesser-skilled or casual players to match up with others on their level. As for resource trading and other features, again, this is also speculative, and no definite answer can be given at this time.

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) BlizzCon 2008 feature article.

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