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Official Blizzard Bonus Maps

The Precursor Campaign (SC Demo)

Download the Official Precursor Campaign


Deception is a bonus mission downloadable from Blizzard's map archives. This mission takes place shortly after Brood War. It follows three space pirates who infiltrate a Confederate Science Facility, and what they discover there.

Text Script of Deception


Resurrection IV:

Resurrection IV takes place shortly after Deception. Raynor and an ancient Protoss warrior, Taldarin, are sent to Braxis by Artanis to deinfest Stukov using a new nanotech serum. (Note: This was originally only available on the N64 version and was a two player map. Zero along with Drake Clawfang have coverted the map down to every minute detail for the PC version.)

Text Script of Resurrection IV

Download the Single Player Map

Download the Original 2 Player Map
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