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Welcome to issue 32 of the Legacy Weekly! This issue emphasizes the creative minds of the StarCraft community. Also, SaharaDrac has assembled a Plays of the Week piece that covers the recent IEM tournament. The opening is especially catchy!

We published an editorial, by Crota, that explains the vespene gas mechanics.

Ever find yourself getting gas-locked during competitive play? This little guide will show you how to look at the numbers behind your build orders. High level players use this technique to maximize their efficiency, and you can too.

You can read the article here.

StarCraft: Legacy’s Custom Unit Contest has ended, and we are really pleased with the general enthusiasm of the community when creating their entries. Remember, the Melee Map Contest is still running with a deadline that’s closing in fast. Submit your contest entries before the fourth of September in order to be eligible as a winner.

Blizzard is showcasing an art exhibition of more than 700 pieces in the Museum of Contemporary Arts at Taiwan. Kotaku announced his over-seas event recently.

The heavy critique of the fans on the South East Asia server has influenced Blizzard to open the locks between North American servers and SEA servers. Fans all around the world have expressed their concern regarding region locking in StarCraft II.

Bashiok, a Blizzard community manager, has also stated that they will not base their content patches on the feedback of the first weeks after launch. The main reason for this decision is that StarCraft II players are still developing tactics and finding new ways to use units. There appears to be differences in the meta game on different servers.

Some fans argue that the Zerg are too weak, but GlaDe, the the most highly ranked player on the South East Asia server, disagrees. GlaDe plays as Zerg in StarCraft II, and he's willing to answer a series of questions from the community.


“My Life for Aiur” is an illustration created by LuneCheetah. The style of this artwork aids the legendary atmosphere of the Dark Templar, for it diffuses them in the shadows.

“Wings of Liberty” was the title given to the reaper created by StormTitan. The clouds and smoke share the same texture effect, and they freeze the moment when the Reaper flies out of the clouds.

Many skilled artists have started to show what they have planned for the StarCraft universe. Some of them have never created StarCraft related artwork before. Dainisse, StormTitan, LuneCheetah and t2100ex9 are a few of these fresh artists from Deviant Art.

The following video by Dainisse shows the making of a Zergling illustration with a great mimic of Blizzard’s art style:



Read through the current hot topics at the StarCraft: Legacy Forums and discuss your point of view on each of the topics. MTV sprouted a recent discussion surrounding a byte of information related to “Heart of the Swarm”, the first expansion (second release) for StarCraft II. Finally, Andrew from the North America Battle.net Forums recently posted a critique of StarCraft II. Members from StarCraft: Legacy haved mentioned that this critique is either fantastic or quite deficient. Be part of this debate and choose a side to support.

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