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Enter the Legacy Weekly - Ghosts in Our Pasts Edition.

SC:L Summary

What have the zany fellows over at StarCraft: Legacy been up to, anyways!?  Thoe short answer? Not a whole lot on the exclusives front! But that's excusbale, because there has been a veritable torrent (yes, it was a word before "bit" got stuck in front of it) of news coming from Blizzard regarding StarCraft II as we are on the verge of the big release. You may have even missed some, there's been so darn much. Make sure you check the front page of sclegacy.com for all the news, big and small!

Blizzard News

Some video game for nerds is coming out this week or something. I dunno.

Also, the final unlock for the "Join the Dominion" campaign has been revealed! If you haven't yet, make sure to check out the "Ghosts of the Past" StarCraft II Launch trailer. The news is on the front page and you can also view it on the official Blizzard STarCRaft II website. 

Fan Art




This weeks Fan Art comes to us from BEN_BEN_BEN, via his DeviantArt page.

Community News

One of our members, GnaReffotsirk, is developing an campaign for StarCraft II named StarCraft: Survivors. The campaign will include an amazing in-game cinematic, made entirely in the StarCraft II Galaxy Editor. You can discuss the cinematic in our forums.




The three following videos is of a girl called Soe, who have published some videos of herself drawing two StarCraft art pieces and molding one StarCraft clay figure.





Clay Hydralisk

We have two major discussion topics in our forums that we feel are important to discuss, and we'd very much like you to follow and contribute to them.

Plays Of The Week



Custom Map Review

Weekly Custom Map Review

Map: Matchmaking

Creator: Progammer

Players: Single Player (Multiplayer Coming Soon) 

Map Type: Micro Map

Length: 10-30 minutes

URL: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/matchmaking-game/

Latest Version: v0.1c (http://static.sc2mapster.com/content/files/436/133/matchmaking_demo_localized.SC2Map)

Reviewed by: asfastasican


Description: Matchmaking is a spinoff of the entire “Micro” custom map genre where you control a small number of units and effectively kill an opposing force without getting wiped out. As you command a few fighters and micro them individually, you are expected to overcome challenges or larger enemy forces that a simple attack move won’t handle. The Matchmaking game is your typical micro map that comes with an interesting twist. Before each round begins, you play a short puzzle game and your performance in the mini-game decides what kind of units you will bring into battle and how many of them you will have.

The AI just got MicrOWNED!
The AI just got MicrOWNED!


Review: As some of you may have realized, it has become harder to select custom maps for reviews, both popular and not. Since the StarCraft 2 beta servers are still down, we have been playing a handful of more single-player orientated maps. Fortunately for us, a good number of these single player maps aren’t boring and can still bring a smile to our faces during this multiplayer drought.

The Main Menu...
The Main Menu...


Matchmaking is the perfect candidate for a singleplayer map review, simply because Micro themed maps have always been predominately single player for as long as can remember during the past decade. In Matchmaking, you first select what mode you want to play, then play a short puzzle minigame before the round, eventually participate in that round and finally move on to the next if you happen to defeat the enemy forces.

See what you’re up against.
See what you’re up against.


Every round begins with a preview of the enemy forces you will be pitted against. After the quick preview, you are shown a puzzle where you are presented with a square box of various unit portraits. These boxes will remind of other like-minded puzzle games such as Bejeweled, but how it plays itself out is somewhat unique. You are given a number of turns, in which you select pairs of matching units. The objective is to select matching units that are located as far from each other as possible, because if you make longer connections, you will receive a larger number of that unit at the beginning of the micro phase. After you make a connection, those two selected tiles disappear and you’ll continue to choose connecting pairs until you run out of turns and the micro phase begins.

I made a long connection between two Zealots at both corners, which rewarded me with 4 Zealots
I made a long connection between two Zealots at both corners, which rewarded me with 4 Zealots!


When the arena appears, the collection of units you earned during the puzzle phase will spawn on the map in one big lump. You must immediately reposition your forces and decide whether to attack beyond the line of brush in the center or ready your defense against the opposing AI-controlled group. Having good micro and some unit composition strategy are both key as you try to beat every level. If you command your forces poorly, you will lose even if you completed the puzzle like a pro and have a buttload of units. On the flip side, if you make very short connections during the puzzle phase, you will lose even if you have 400 APM micro’ing your units, because you will be put up against vastly superior numbers.

Queuing orders, focus firing, repositioning and having flat-out good micro will win the fight.
Queuing orders, focus firing, repositioning and having flat-out good micro will win the fight.


The key to completing every level is to have a healthy balance between generating a sufficient number of units and managing those units effectively. Level 3 is where the game begins to get harder, while a couple of the later levels (one being the final level) are real doozies.

You won’t get many units like Phoenixes and flyers even if you make long connections, so go long or go home!
You won’t get many units like Phoenixes and flyers even if you make long connections, so go long or go home!


Criticisms: As with numerous other StarCraft 2 custom maps that have been created during the beta phase, Matchmaking is strictly a demo map as it is now. It only has a single player mode where you fight the computer and try to generate a high score (displayed via your mineral count.) You can also skip to levels that you have already reached via the start screen. The puzzle and micro phases play out well, but the map can really use additional game-play modes, more than it can use design and balance suggestions at the moment. Fortunately for the author, the community has already provided a number of suggestions to improve on this map’s concept. Some of these suggestions include number tweaks, different puzzle game modes to spice up the experience and also suggestions how minerals and points could be used to help a player deal with upcoming levels as the game progresses.

Ahah! 30 Zerglings!
Ahah! 30 Zerglings!


Conclusion: If Progammer caters to his fans and follows their suggestions, I’m sure he will improve on this map rather easily and other Micro mapmakers will be influence by his creation. Matchmaking reminds me of how other map genres have been heavily influenced by adding quirky mini games and puzzles to better the genre as a whole. Skibi’s TD from the WC3 era changed how players looked at tower defense and the couple that made that particular mp eventually had it published as an official Blizzard custom map. Thanks to Progammer and other mapmakers’ ingenuity, we will be able to harness the power of SC2’s editor and be able to expand on existing map genres in a big way. Keep an eye out on this guy and his updates of Matchmaking as he churns them out.


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