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Welcome to yet another Legacy Weekly! The first phase of the beta is over, and we're all raging about, not only because we are now forced to encounter other human beings, and the sun, but mostly because many of us feel like Battle.net 2.0 is a total mess. Luckily, as a result to all the rage in various fora, Dustin Browder has finally gone mad. According to our inside sources, both Chris Sigaty and the Battle.net 2.0 source code has gone lost in Dustin Browders wake of destruction.

A Blizzard Entertainment press release regarding the loss of the Battle.net 2.0 source stated that they can rebuild it. Apparently, they have the technology.

SC:L Summary

The big topic of discussions the last weeks have, without a doubt, been the state of Battle.net 2.0. As a result to these concerns StarCraft: Legacy recently released an article on the very topic. We bring forth a plethora of insightful suggestions that we hope will improve many of the issues the community has with Blizzards new gaming service. Read the full article here.

We'd also like to remind you that the submissions deadline for our Heaven's Devils Terraining Contest has been extended. You now have until June the 20th to submit your creation. Check out the contest page for more details.


Blizzard News

Bashiok is fine with the Mothership being useless.

There are some units that just aren't going to see certain levels of competitive play (unless it's an LOL LOOK HOW MUCH MUNEY I HAV! dig at the other player), and that's fine, and we're aware and ok with that being the case, just as long as it's something we've planned for and are balancing for.

And he is apparently quite the joker.

This thread should be called Overlord because it's generating a lot of creeps.

BOOM. 360'd and took you back to the store.

He can also reveal that the official StarCraft II Beta Forums will be wiped, as they are wiping their database.

While we continue to work on StarCraft II and the Battle.net platform during the beta hiatus, we will be wiping the database within the next day or two to help with our internal development process. This means that all characters will be wiped, and without access to the beta to create new characters, posting on these beta forums will no longer be possible.

We anticipate this database wipe to occur within the next day or two. We apologize for the short notice but look forward to discussing the game with you on the non-beta StarCraft II Battle.net forums: http://forums.battle.net/board.html?forumId=12009&sid=3000

Although you will no longer be able to post here, these forums will remain up and visible. Once phase two begins and you can create a new character, you’ll be able to post here again. Please keep in mind that your posting privileges here are continuous, and any suspensions/bans now will carry forward into the future.

Fan Art

This weeks piece is a Firebat made by SpenceTheHobbyist from DeviantArt. (Turns out this was only a flip and color of an already created piece) Marauder made by Mr--Jack.


Community News

A member of our forums vuser86 has created a great video of himself covering one of the StarCraft II Terran tracks. Head over to the forums to give him the cred he deserves!



He's not the only creative soul around in the StarCraft II community; JoshSuth, a caster from iCCup TV, and member of our forums, has created his own StarCraft II version of the renown "Like A Boss" by Lonely Island. Check out the humorous (non-winning) entry to Blizzards official StarCraft 2 video contest here:


Plays Of The Week



Custom Map Review


Weekly Custom Map Review

Map: Crush Company – Mission: The Last Hope

Creators: Enclave Studio 

Players: Single Player

Map Type: Beat-em-up Sidescroller

Length: 5-10 minutes

URL: http://www.sc2mapster.com/teams/enclave-studio/pages/crush-company/

Latest Version: 1.0 (http://sc2.curse.com/downloads/sc2-maps/details/crush-company-mission-last-hope/download/432789.aspx)

Review by: asfastasican


Crush Company is a small sample of a project being developed by a small modding group called Enclave Studio. The map makes its best effort to emulate a particular genre of games within the StarCraft 2 engine that has been near extinct for the past two decades: The Fighting Sidescroller. If any of you remember the classics like BattleToads, Double Dragon, Teenage Mutant Turtles, etc., then you are going to enjoy what Crush Company has to offer. The objectives are simple. You select one of 4 characters at the start, fight your way past a series of enemy waves, and then reach the end of the level by killing the final boss.

The Loading Screen...

Crush Company is a quick single-player map as it is right now. I’m not sure if anyone knows if it will become a multiplayer sidescroller at some point, mostly because the team is referring to it as a secret project in progress. What we see here in this map is supposedly a single mission or a test map that will be a sample of things to come.

The Character Select Screen...

The game starts with a classic style character select screen where you move a cursor around and select your choice with the space bar. You currently have four (out of a possible six) characters to choose from. You are thrown into a horizontal landscape where the camera is up close and to your side. By using the Q W E R keys to use your attacks and you use your arrows keys to move your character up, down, left and right. Every character can also jump by hitting the space bar, but there are no real obstacles you can hurdle over. Just like any other arcade style video game of the past, you simply move towards the right and fight groups of enemy units in sequence.

Momma said knock you out!

The first pair of selectable characters are melee Protoss units. Zealots is a melee fighter with slightly more hit points than the Dark Templar. The two are basically the same as they have the same weapons. Marines are ranged fighters and Marauders have slightly more hit points and also have the same weapons.

These turrets will all lock onto you at once. Kill them ASAP!

The melee fighters have a slow melee attack (Q) and a fast jab attack (W). They both also have a point-blank AoE Shockwave attack (E) that damages everyone around them. The last weapon they have are grenades (R) that they can toss and deal AoE damage to bunches of enemies in front of them. You should also keep moving as the enemies will lay mines by their feet and they will quickly arm themselves blow you up if you stand on them.

The Protoss Melee Fighters double as Arcane Mages...

You can also pick from a pair of Terran ranged fighters that can attack for afar and dodge projectiles more easily. Both the Marines and Marauders can fire rapid-fire rockets (Q) or fire larger rockets (W). They can always fire a long ranged Hellion-like flamethrower (E) that damages units in a line. As with the melee characters, the Terran characters also have grenades (R).

The Terran fighters fight at range and thus can dodge projectiles more easily.

After a handful of enemy encounters, you will face a boss at the very end of the map. If you defeat him, you win.


Dodge them mines!

The map as it is now is simply one level. The project might turn into many more levels that are linked to each other when the project is finished and released. As it stands now, the map lasts around 5 minutes and serves to show how a sidescroller is possible with the StarCraft II engine. Also, abilities and weapons do not have limited ammo or long cooldowns. There’s really no reason not to spam a bunch of grenades over and over, since they do great damage in a wide area. By spamming grenades over and over, you can kill the enemies fast and not worry about having to take too much damage. This makes the map relatively easy overall.

Grenades are OP. Abuse them!

Crush Company is based on a concept that certainly has a lot of potential. We hope to see Enclave Studio finish the completed project and release it to the public sometime in the near future.


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