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Welcome to the official relaunch of the classic diversion "Legacy Weekly"!  Recently lost ten games in a row, and terrified to play another ladder match?  Trying hard to internalize your rage at recent patch changes? Never fear, Legacy Weekly will be here through the rest of the beta and past retail release to occupy your StarCraft-addled mind for possible minutes at a time, each and every week!

We have a lot of exciting new stuff in the Weekly, all brought to you by your die-hard team of investigative reporters: SaharaDrac, Dauntless, and asfastasican! We look forward to bringing you an easy to digest, light-hearted, but informative weekly feature, with new sections such as a "Top Plays of the Week" video commentated by none other than SaharaDrac, and a "Custom Map Review" from Asfastasican! So without further ado:

SC:L Summary

StarCraft: Legacy remains the best source for all the latest Blizzard and StarCraft 2 related news. If you haven't seen our front page news articles, make sure you catch up on our breaking news on recent patch fixes, known Battle.net issues, and Blizzard's introduction to map publishing.

StarCraft: Legacy is giving away copies of the latest StarCraft novel, Heaven's Devils, in a terraining contest! Using the map editor, show us what kind of gorgeous landscapes you can create. You can see on the link that we are looking for beautiful, professional looking landscapes.  What isn't mentioned on that page is the special SaharaDrac "erotic landscape" sub-contest that I am holding for my own personal amusement! Whoever makes the hottest babe using only Baneling eggs wins my eternal approval so get crackin!


Blizzard News

Last years BlizzCon contest host and funnyman is returning:

Jay MohrComedian and actor Jay Mohr will be returning to BlizzCon this year to serve as master of ceremonies for the live costume contest and other contests on the first night of the show. Jay is the star of the popular television show Gary Unmarried, and is known for his roles in movies like Jerry Maguire and for creating, producing, and hosting the successful TV series Last Comic Standing. We'll have more info to share about the Friday-night contests and other events at BlizzCon in the months leading up to the show, so keep your eye on BlizzCon.com for more details.


We also have some newly released, sexy concept art by Samwise Didier. A Reaper laying waste to an army of Zerglings. The outcome of the battle is up for debate.

 ss337 concept art thumb

Lastly, Polish Blizzard fans might be delighted to know that Blizzard have launched a localized polish version of their main site. So make sure to zapraszamy that.

Fan Art

 Untitled Viking by Mr Jack

This week's brilliant Fan Art comes to us courtesy of Mr. Jack, via his Deviant Art Page.


Community News


If you are an owner of a phone that runs the Android OS you might be interested in this. A coder named Stepan Korshakov is currently creating a port of StarCraft for the operating system.

The port is actually using the MPQs (packaged archives), from the original game, to work. So if you want to install it on your Android phone, you'll have to go through an installation process that requires you to unpack MPQ files onto an SD card.

The port is apparently far from finished, but if you're interested in trying it, head over to the official project site for the installation instructions.

android_sc_1 android_sc_2
Click here for more screenshots.

The StarCraft 2 community's shining, gleaming, hardened, tall, proud, throbbing champion, Day[9], has been on the warpath since his summer break from school started. If you haven't seen his analytical strategy show, or his major tournament coverage, make sure you visit his site ASAP: your win rate will thank you.

If you are looking to build/purchase a new computer for the release of StarCraft II in July, this thread at teamliquid.net can assist you greatly, with it's in-game benchmark statistics, recommended hardwares, and ability to massage your feet with exotic oils.

There is also a very fun thread of people's custom textures on teamliquid.net. Want to play as icy, frozen Zerg?  Want to experience even fruitier Protoss units, covered in pinks and greens? Make sure to use this thread as a resource.


Plays Of The Week

Welcome to our first "Plays of the Week" section.  The video is a little rough right now, but as we get further along we will have a streamlined system, a countdown format, and I might even turn off my ceiling fan while recording...anyways, enjoy the first video in a series we hope will be a fan favorite for long to come!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Custom Map Review

Map: Top Down Fighters

Creator: TECGhost

Players: Single Player (1-4 Players Coming Soon)

Map Type: Shooter

Length: 5-15 minutes

Download:  http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/top-down-fighters/files/7-top-down-fighters-v7/

Review by: asfastasican

Loading screen
Loading screen

Description: Top Down Fighters allows you to take control of a Terran solider running across a jungle exterminating Zerg that have infested the area along the way. Your mission is to slay “The Badass Ultralisk” that has rumored to been running amok nearby. If you are able to take down the gigantic creature, you win!

A hero is spawned..
A hero is spawned..

Review: Top Down Fighters is quite an attention grabber, solely based how smooth its controls are. The map plays like a typical top down arcade type shooter, where you move a single unit around using WASD controls, similar to how you would control it with a joystick. You can also fire your main weapon by simply left clicking in the general direction you want to fire and also right click to use a Psionic grenade (same as a High Templar’s Psionic Storm) which can do heavy area of effect damage to hordes of incoming Zerg. When you combine the simple firing controls with hotkeys that allow you to manually reload and use a stimpack to increase your movement speed and combat effectiveness, you will find yourself admiring how well your character handles himself. Even while dealing with a slight latency playing this map online, the controls and movement are very fluid and natural.

Psionic Grenade is devastating.
Psionic Grenade is devastating.

As for the rest of the map, Top Down Fighters is essentially a prototype map that TECGhost has worked on, possibly in preparation of making a much larger version of the concept later on. Since this map is simply a prototype, it’s not very long map. The map is relatively easy, even if you aren’t a very fast player, simply because you can pace yourself and take your time as you battle through the Zerg. Your enemies won’t chase you very far before they decide to return to where they first spotted you, so its possible to run away. Also, the Zerg don’t respawn, so there’s no sense of urgency in trying to rush through the map in order to end it fast. The Boss isn’t very hard if you take your time and use stimpacks to speed the killing process up as well.

A ginormous Ultralisk!
A ginormous Ultralisk!

There are other little features that are worth mentioning about this map. The combat log that records recent damage that has been inflicted is interesting eye candy and the numbers that pop over the heads of injured targets is a nice touch as well. The terrain is well detailed and has elevation and good visibility as well. Still, the screen insists on displaying a handful of lines telling you that players 1 through 4 aren’t logged in and playing, but keep in mind that this is probably just a bug. The map creator plans to include 4 unique classes for the final versions of this game and this is just a stepping stone that will help him get towards a finished product.

Victory! You win lots of blood and intestines.
Victory! You win lots of blood and intestines.

Criticisms: If the final versions of this map come with difficulty modes, a larger map, a countdown timer, time trial records, and respawning Zerg, you might find a real winner on your hands. I would highly stress having time trial records, because it would increase replayability among competitive players. There’s nothing like watching a small group of gamers form into a writhing mass as they try to submit speed demos and try to beat each other to completing the map by shaving off mere seconds to become the top dog of Top Down Fighters.

Conclusion: If TECGhost decides to add the features I listed above, include some features of his own and allow the player to play as one of his originally planned 4 unique classes, the game could end up being rather addicting. Until then, Top Down Fighters will be a one-time 10 minute gaming experience at best.

Well, that does it! We hope you enjoyed the relaunch of the Legacy Weekly. Flames and love letters are to be posted in the comments field. Be sure to check back regularly to sclegacy.com for more news, reviews, and videos!


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