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The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


We have new forum sections!! In commemoration of the launch of the StarCraft II beta, we have added more boards to our forums. We have beta general discussion, a VODs and livestreams, board, and a strategy compendium. Now you can follow the beta discussion in a new, organized format, so it's a great time to register and join the discussion! 

 SC:L Staff member Crota and SC:L resident handsome chap SaharaDrac have been uploading commentated videos of their beta games! For my part, I will be uploading a new video tomorrow, so get on YouTube and listen to me stammer, and also try to guess my weight! 

Also be sure to check out SC:L's resident "hardest working man in beta", Gifted's, Livestream: Legacy Observer!  


                                Blizz News

Well, what else can I really say? The day finally came. Dry land is not a myth, I've seen it. The StarCraft II beta officially begun. This is a really important time in our entire staff's, and I think many of our readers, lives. Here's to an excellent beta test period. Lots of memories, arguments, tense battles, and "gg's" await us.  Not to mention a whole new way to create a community.  Thank you Blizzard, we all knew deep down you would never disappoint.

   Fan Art

This week's fanart is a "gothic" Dark Templar sketch by Ahs'rik Khan.
Community News

The beta coverage has flooded in from all over the internestz. Be sure to check out Team Liquid's beta coverage, as they have some good analytical videos and short articles up already. 

G4TV's website has video interviews up with StarCraft II's designers in celebration of the beta Launch. The best piece is a 20 minute discussion on Battle.Net 2 and the future of e-sports with Greg Canessa.  

 The Legacy Weekly approves: The Nydus Network.

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