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Well well well....what an interesting week it's been!  Batten down the hatches, you filthy dogs, little gusts of wind are coming that herald one hell of a storm.  Welcome to...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


The Korean Battle.net forums have had a pretty healthy amount of activity lately, and StarCraft: Legacy has them translated and ready for your perusal. The posts give some elaboration on UI features and small game mechanics, as well as giving some more detail on the game's damage/armor system.  Unless our guy who translated it was just messing with us, I mean they could have just been exchanging Bi bim bop recipes over there, you and I would really have no idea.

Episode 1 of season 3 of the Jace Hall show is also available, featuring a trip to Blizzard HQ where he sits in on a design meeting.  Most pertinent for us here is the picture leaked from the teaser, which clearly depicts the staff celebrating with a screen behind them that says "Welcome to StarCraft II Beta" on the Bnet 2.0 login screen.  Trust me, if Blizzard didn't want us to see that, we wouldn't have seen it.  That's all I'm sayin'.  Gifted has made a news post with the picture, as well as some beta speculations from around the web and some more Korean forum translations. 

 We also posted the World of WarCraft system specs for you guys, just in case you needed a reminder.  Check it out and we'll see you in Azeroth! 


Blizz News

This is a tricky section for me and the Legacy Weekly team (my blind Shi-Tzu), because hey, if it's news, and it's Blizzard, it's probably already on our front page, right? But I dig. I dig for you, my adoring fans. You're welcome, mom!

There's been a small blue post on the U.S Battle.Net forums about the Reapers' D-8 charges.  They are currently selectable, but not destructible. Which I guess as it stands, means, "Hey, nice Hive, just kidding it totally sucks!" *SPLOSION*  Maybe it works, though. That's what Beta is for, right?

Over on the Gameplay Discussion forums, Zhydaris discusses the merits of smartcasting, and the heightened importance of support units in StarCraft II.  For the official US forums, the discussion isn't bad, so check it out and throw your name in the hat. Or your two cents at a raccoon.  Or some expression.

   Fan Art

This week's fanart is a beautiful Protoss landscape by Thraxllilsilia.
Community News

Starfeeder has written a short article summing up game developers thoughts on the new Apple iPad, which last I checked was not only definitely the death of the PC Industry, but also will be the easiest, most convenient way to not play any fun video games for too much money in the not-too-distant future.  Do I sound bitter? I love my PC, that's why I'm here...so sue me.  Anyways, interestingly enough, one developer mentioned how great he thought it would be to play StarCraft II on the iPad.  What remained unreported, however, was the fact that everyone in the room who had actually ever played an RTS in their life simultaneously sprayed coffee from their mouths in shock and dismay, kind of like Carl Winslow whenever Urkel comes over unannounced.

On TeamLiquid, there's a discussion happening on replay privacy in StarCraft II, and possible solutions for Pro Gamers.  Keeping a top players replays private is very important for a thriving competitive community, to prevent top players' strategies form being instantly homogenized and copied by everyone else.  How do you feel about this topic, SC:L?  Tell us on the forums!  

I'm sure everyone reading this knows beta rumblings are occurring.  If you don't know what I mean, make sure you check our other front page news pieces.  I sincerely hope we can start the beta coverage soon.  I will be doing commentary videos of my games, community members games, and hopefully game of top players who come out of the scene eventually.  My plan for day 1 of beta:  I will be "live recording" my voice during my first ever game of StarCraft II on Bnet 2.0, playing random.  You will delight to the sound of my awkward silences as I struggle to grasp an entirely new RTS whilst simultaneously trying to describe the action and keep you entertained.  It should be hilarious, so look forward to it. Soon.  


 The Legacy Weekly approves: Beating the best game in years, with a full crew, and full Paragon.

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