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2007 is over. Once again, it is time for those titans of StarCraft to be recognized for their outstanding plays. It's time for [b]Pimpest Plays 2007[/b]. SC:L, in association with TeamLiquid and the PP editors, are proud to announce that we are now taking submissions. We now have a new submissions form, available [url=http://limitedgaming.com/pp/index.php]here[/url], to streamline and significantly speed up the process. In addition we have a larger PP team ready to go to craft your submissions into a [i]timely[/i] feature. For any of you that have followed the scene this last year, you know it has been an excellent year with many worthy plays. But also keep in mind that these awards are not exclusively for the pros but can also be awarded to amateurs. If you have an amazing play be sure to submit it.

Submissions will be taken until [b]January 31st[/b]. Please feel free to submit more than one play and of course, leave your commentary to help us make the selections. If you are a video-editor and are interested in making the official Pimpest Plays 2007 video, please [EMAIL="" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ""]email us[/EMAIL] to apply! Eternal fame and glory await!

The art and the coding have been in production for some time now and the editors are extremely excited to get started - send us only the best!

[url=http://limitedgaming.com/pp/index.php]SC:L's 2007 Pimpest Plays Submissions Form[/url]
[url=http://www.sclegacy.com//content/pimpest-plays-3/]SC:L's Pimpest Plays Features 2002-2006[/url]"
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