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This month we'll be tackling the Terran Ghost. The Ghost has gained a host of new abilities and is poised to be a pivotal tactical unit. But what do you think of the revamped Ghost? Let us know! At the end of the month we'll aggregate the information and send it to the devs. Thanks very much to everyone that participated in the October discussion which focused on Battle.net. SC:L/BF produced some of the most diverse and helpful suggestions!

Here's what has been released by Karune on the Ghost:

Of all the original StarCraft units brought back to StarCraft II, the Terran Ghost has undergone some of the most changes. The Terran Ghost wields new abilities such as Snipe and the upgradable EMP burst and cloak ability. Furthermore, the Ghost is also able to call down Drop Pods in addition to their classic Nuclear Launch ability. In addition, the Terran Ghost can be built early game, in a Barracks with a tech lab and a Shadow Ops as a prerequisite building, making it a Tier 1.5 unit.

These changes have brought about much innovation to the gameplay for StarCraft II and we encourage the community to add their feedback to these changes!

Here are the Ghosts stats in the current build of StarCraft II (Not Final):

Mineral Cost: 100
Vespene Gas Cost: 100

Hit Points: 100
Max Energy: 200 (Starts with 50)
Armor: Light
Weapon Damage: 5 (+30 vs Light)
Range: 10
Weapon Speed: Normal

Ability Costs:
Snipe: 25 Energy (Does 50 damage vs. Biological unit + 100 vs. Light Armor and can be used while cloaked)
EMP: 100 Energy (Depletes energy and shields of enemy units within the area of effect)
Cloak: 25 Energy (initial) and 1 Energy/Second while Cloaked
I highly recommend to take part in our forum's discussion on the Ghost as all of the suggestions there are vigorously argued and the SC:L staff directly participates/reads every comment!

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