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BlizzPlanet recently obtained information about a new StarCraft novel: StarCraft: I, Mengsk. The book is being written by Graham McNeill, an author known for his novels set in the Warhammer universe.

I, Mengsk is a look at three generations of the Mengsk family from the inside out...what shaped Arcturus and the years of his life we haven’t seen yet: the relationship between his father and his son. It’s a novel about what it means to be a Mengsk, a story of fathers and sons, and looks at whether a man’s destiny is his own and how it is shaped by the generation before it.

McNeill also confirms other projects by Blizzard such as a sequel to Aaron Rosenburg's Queen of Blades and a StarCraft manga being developed by Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of StarCraft Ghost: Nova.

With the Dark Templar Saga: Twilight slated to be published in September, it seems that there will be no shortage of new StarCraft novels.

BlizzPlanet - New Starcraft Novel - Starcraft: I, Mengsk
Starcraft: I, Mengsk Amazon Page

The next generation of foreign StarCraft is coming. GomTV, sponsor of the popular MSL tournament, announced the launch of its own tournament today. This concept is a leap in the revolutionary concept of Korean professional StarCraft for the foreign scene.*

Nicolas Alexander Plott, a well known StarCraft commentator in the U.S., will be commenting the games live. Gretech has already successfully broadcast live in English before in November, 2007 when '21st Century Computing Conference' by Microsoft was broadcast by Gretech for four hours both in English and Korean.

Nicolas Plott aka Tasteless will be commentating! This is occurring alongside recent updates about his entrance to the professional casting scene. In January, Plott announced his one-year contract for casting - in English - at a Korean network. Today's development expands the situation and opportunity further. Also, Manifesto7, from Team Liquid, announced TL.net's plans:

The best in Korea will be beamed around the world and commentated by our own MyLostTemple.

The Renaissance in foreign commentary is gaining momentum with Korean professional contracts, homegrown casting such as Micro Media's Ascension, and various supportive antics by fansites.
You can show your support for this latest development in GomTV's English forums. Please post with respect and awareness. The foreign scene has to demonstrate the ability for professional English casting to be viable. SC:L is excited to see StarCraft opening further to foreign audiences.

Group A:

(Z) sAviOr vs. (T) Flash on Blue Storm
(P) Anytime vs. (T) Flash on Katrina
(P) Anytime vs. (T) Mind on Blue Storm
(Z) sAviOr vs. (T) Mind on Katrina
(Z) sAviOr vs. (P) Anytime on Baekmagoji
(T) Flash vs. (T) Mind on Baekmagoji

Power Overwhelming

The question: are you ready?

* Remember, in the realm of StarCraft, "foreign" applies to everything outside Korea. It is usually represented by English.

About GOM TV StarCraft Invitational League
Team Liquid's Announcement
GomTV Forums
At approximately 11 p.m. EST, all SC and SC: Broodwar clients were booted from USEast.Battle.net.

After all was said and done, the only thing listed as a change with the new patch is that you can now play StarCraft and StarCraft Broodwar without the CDs if you follow the instructions provided after the patch successfully downloads and installs.

Battle.net's connection protocols may have also been tweaked a bit, as is often the case.

Here are the installer details:
- patch 1.15.2

Feature Changes

- StarCraft and StarCraft: BroodWar no longer require the CD while playing the
game. To play without the CD, please follow the following instructions:

- Windows Users:
- Make sure you have "Hide extensions for known types" unchecked under
Explorer Folder Options.
- If you own only StarCraft, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraft CD to
your StarCraft folder and rename it to "StarCraft.mpq".
- If you own StarCraft: Brood War, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraft:
Brood War CD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "BroodWar.mpq".

- Mac users:
- If you own only StarCraft, copy "StarCraft Archive" from the StarCraft CD
to your StarCraft folder.
- If you own StarCraft: Brood War, copy "Brood War Archive" from the
StarCraft: Brood War CD to your StarCraft folder.


StarCraft Broodwar Patch Information
Recently, GameReplays.org interviewed the 18 year old American, Greg "IdrA" Fields, who won the eSTRO Superstars Tournament and subsequently asked to go to Korea and play for eSTRO.

From the interview:

GameReplays: Everybody knows that Koreans are training very hard every day. You considered yourself playing for fun before this opportunity. Are you sure that you can manage the Korean pro gamer's routine? If yes, what is motivating you to put so much effort into becoming a pro-gamer?

IdrA: While the game is very fun, and that is what drove me to play a lot initially, it is the competitive aspect of the game I really love. That kind of motivation helps a lot in terms of training. Also I have had days where I practice non-stop, before a tournament or helping a friend practice. While it isn't the same as playing 12 hours a day, every day it won't be entirely new, and I know I can deal with to some extent, at least.


GameReplays: To wrap up this interview lets take one final question, which will probably be of the most interest to the readers at GameReplays.org. I am sure you have been following the development of Starcraft 2 at least a little. What are your thoughts on it, and while it's early to say, do you like what you are seeing? Do you think you will make the switch once it comes out?

IdrA: I like the general concept, some of the new units look cool, the graphics of the in game videos look very nice and it seems that, in terms of the game itself, they are staying pretty true to what made Starcraft so great. However, I worry about the updates they're making to the user interface. I think adding MBS and auto mining is likely to ruin the potential Starcraft 2 has as a competitive game. If done properly, Starcraft 2 could kick start a professional gaming scene similar to Korea's in Europe, or even America. But adding MBS will dumb down the skill cap and turn Starcraft into a micro intensive game and, as war3 demonstrates, a game like that can support competitive gaming, but on nowhere near the level Starcraft has maintained in Korea for nearly 10 years.

Be sure to check out the whole interview - one of the few non-Koreans that has ever been offered the chance to play with one of the best. SC:L wishes the best for him in Korea.

GameReplays.org Interview with IdrA
The one and only Nick "Tasteless" Plott, acclaimed StarCraft and WarCraft III commentator, has recently announced that he will be moving to Korea. The purpose? He's been offered a chance to shoutcast for a Korean TV station, Arirang TV, to commentate (in English) professional WarCraft III and StarCraft matches. Tasteless plans to leave in early January and has been hired for at least one year.

StarCraft Legacy managed to grab some time with the man himself and ask him about some questions. The interview can be viewed here.

StarCraft: Legacy Tasteless Interview
Fans of StarCraft know what it is like to be players outside of Korea. They know that no matter what skill level they may achieve, they still inherit the status of a second rate player.

But what keeps competitive foreigners going? What drives the passion behind the scene? Well, Albert "GeNThO" Berriz, of Micro Media, has written an excellent editorial that may sum it up.

It's an inspirational and entertaining read that also captures the opinions of a few of the foreign scene's big names.

Foreign Warriors

Give it a read and be proud to know that you belong to one of the most dedicated and die hard groups out there, the StarCraft foreign scene!
It's been ten years since we last saw our beloved heroes fight for ultimate dominance in the Koprulu Sector. And in those ten years the mysteries and the questions raised by Brood War have gone unanswered. That changes now.

As many of you know during BlizzCon and the RTS summit I met and interviewed many of the influential personalities behind the StarCraft universe. Many ideas and relationships sprung up from those meetings and introductions and SC:L is proud to present the first fruits from those labors. Several weeks ago Metzen and the creative development team behind the StarCraft universe agreed to answer some of the most pressing and important questions posed by the SC:L Staff. Today we are pleased to release this exclusive Q&A to the general public.

Nearly every question is answered in full. Some answers clear up inconsistencies in the timeline, some clarify events, some lay the foundation for the SCII plotline, and still others contain definitive answers to some of the most puzzling questions left unanswered in the universe. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy this feature. Prepare yourself for the continuation of an amazing universe, through StarCraft II, by remembering the past.

The SC:L Staff would like to thank Chris Metzen and his entire team for allowing us both the opportunity to ask our questions but for answering them so fully for a fansite. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. Without further ado - I present to you the SC:L Exclusive Lore Q&A.

-SC:L Staff

SC:L - Metzen Exclusive Lore Q&A

Draco, Testie, and Sen During PGL

Nick "Testie" Perentesis is arguably one of the best foreigner SCBW players ever to be great. He's consistently won almost every match against a non-Korean and he is considered by many to be one of the few to be able to take games from them. The WCG 2007 Grand Finals are beginning in Seattle and Testie is looking for one of those top spots. Recently SC:L had the opprotunity to officially interview Testie. He talks about his expierences in scene, WCG, BlizzCon, and StarCraft II. He's a very fun member of the SC community and we wish him the best of luck. Be sure to check out our full interview with Testie!

SC:L's Interview with Testie Pre-WCG '07
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