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BlizzPlanet has announced that they will soon have an interview with the author of I, Mengsk - Graham Mcneill.

Blizzplanet will be interviewing Graham McNeill quietly soon concerning Starcraft: I, Mengsk - a new Starcraft novel to be published on December 30th, 2008. The front cover was created by artist Mark Gibbons, a friend of Grahman McNeill.

In addition, Christie Golden completed her Warcraft projects.

Karune clarifies the Warp Ray's attack mechanics:
Yes, the Warp Ray can fire while moving. Once it begins firing at a target, the Warp Ray will follow the target if it begins to move, keeping at a close proximity since the Warp Ray's range is currently quite short.

Karune also answers whether lifting a Barracks to escape from a Warp Ray is completely useless:
Pretty much, unless you can lure the Warp Ray into some anti air units/defenses faster.


Blizzplanet - StarCraft I, Mengsk - Front Cover
Battle.net - Warp Rays move while firing?

The online clothing store known as J!NX has StarCraft-themed t-shirts up for sale.
With StarCraft II advancing like a swarm of zerglings, J!NX has launched a new wave of StarCraft-themed gear. Show your support for your favorite race -- or keep your options open and support all three.

J!NX has previously had World of Warcraft t-shirts up for sale as well. Perhaps other Blizzard franchises will be next.

J!NX - StarCraft

Update: As you can see above, the actual I <3 SC mosaic has been uploaded.  You can download the whole image here.

Blizzard has finally announced the winners of the "I <3 SC" contest. SC:L congratulates the lucky winners. Special congratulations to at least two of our members who won Blizzard's contest!

We would like thank all the participants in our I <3 StarCraft contest. We received submissions from StarCraft fans all over the world and have compiled hundreds of them into a I <3 StarCraft photo mosaic.

We'll be back with more on who won our contest from our pool of  SC:L's contribution. Meanwhile, you can view SC:L's very own "I <3 SC" gallery here.

Blizzard - I <3 SC

Created by Saejin Oh from UDON Entertainment

From April 18-20th the New York Comic Con 2008 was in full-force; traditionally cons are where many important pop-culture announcements. This year there was even a StarCraft announcement. Tokyopop, one of the most renowned manga companies and Blizzard Entertainment recently announced a Three-Year Publishing Deal to release twenty-two manga adventures set in the richly detailed Warcraft and StarCraft® universes. By August 2008 two anthology titles will be available at bookstores: StarCraft: Frontline and Warcraft Legends. Tokyopop also announced their second StarCraft manga title: StarCraft: Ghost Academy.

StarCraft: Frontline

Richard A. Knaak is the author of one of the stories in the StarCraft: Frontline anthology manga under the title: Thundergod. It will feature the Terran Thor - a massive robotic unit featured in StarCraft II.

StarCraft: Ghost Academy

StarCraft: Ghost Academy by Keith R.A. DeCandido will be an ongoing manga series featuring November Anabelle Terra (Nova), the lethal Ghost agent from the "indefinitely postponed" StarCraft: Ghost FPS Console game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Keith wrote StarCraft Ghost: Nova for Pocket Books in 2006 as a prequel to the Console game. Now he continues his work, polishing the character, this time in a Tokyopop Manga. Keith mentioned at the New York Comic Con, during the Warcraft and StarCraft Panel, that a StarCraft II character would make an appearance in StarCraft Ghost: Academy. The Manga is set prior to Nova's first mission, when Nova was still at the Ghost Program Academy. An artist for StarCraft: Ghost Academy will be announced soon by Tokyopop. The first volume's release is scheduled for Summer 2009.

The first two Warcraft titles also announced at the NY08 Comic Con were: Warcraft Legends & Warcraft: Dragons of Outland.

This is pretty neat - the art style could really be quite interesting especially if the realistic style seen in the teaser is used. It's also interesting to watch StarCraft's universe evolve into all types of mediums. No longer are we the ugly step-child - StarCraft is back.

BlizzPlanet.com's NY Comic Con Manga Coverage
Update: In addition to being entered into our drawing for the I <3 SC t-shirt everyone that sends a photo of themselves with one of the I <3 SC signs will also received an exclusive clue as to SC:L's project Alpha!

Karune recently raised the stakes in the "I <3 SC" photo contest. If SC:L can get at least 50 unique submissions not only will we receive an exclusive Q&A batch but we'll also be given a few "I <3 SC" t-shirts to give away in an upcoming SC:L contest! Awesome prizes for our site!

Be a part of the Legacy - Send your original photo (or photoshopped) submission  to [email] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [/email] and your photo will not only be featured on a special SC:L photo page but it will also get us closer to winning those prizes! Don't forget to send your nickname and your location along with your photo! With the thousands of visitors and members that we have we should have no problem reaching our goal! At least one randomly selected person who sends us a submission will win a t-shirt right away! The SC:L staff is already hard at work planning our submissions! The contest ends at the end of April, but don't delay, send us your submission ASAP!

SC:L's "I <3 SC" thread

Aaron "EdFishy" Harris, part of Project Revolution, has written an editorial inspired by the Tauren Marine. The humourus meld of the Warcraft and StarCraft universes has fueled his creative fire. He has produced an editorial from an in-character perspective. He focuses aggresively on the stylistic choices of StarCraft II from a graphical perspective, specifically regarding the recent Zerg releases.

This is the first StarCraft: Legacy guest editorial. Other guest articles will be presented perodically to add a different perspective to different StarCraft topics. StarCraft: Legacy presents proudly: "Zerg are from Zerus the Swarm is from Azeroth". You can view the editorial here.

IGN interviewed some senior employees from Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate StarCraft's ten year anniversary. This Q&A article is a balanced mixture of humour and analysis of StarCraft's success. The sense of nostalgia is captured by personal accounts of the StarCraft experience - from varying perspectives - inside Blizzard. Additionally, on page three, there is an interesting quote from Frank Pearce:

When we launched StarCraft and the reviews started coming in, most of the media, their biggest comment was, "Yeah, it seems fun, but it's not 3D." Right? And 10 years later, the game is still popular, it's sold almost 10 million units, and it's still only 2D, and no one cares anymore that it wasn't 3D. So I say that we learned that we shouldn't listen to the media, but what that really taught us is that our focus should be on a quality gameplay experience first.

You can view the entire article here.

StarCraft: Legacy - The Zerg Are From Zerus The Swarm Is From Azeroth
IGN - StarCraft 10th Anniversary Interview

For ten years, StarCraft has driven its rich and diverse history ever forward - from the advent of SC pro-gaming, to the birth of behemoth fan communities, like ours, to the legions of fans it has spawned - this game and it's community have "been there, done that". StarCraft has innovated, impacted, and shaped, not only the industry, but hundreds of thousands of lives. It's been ten years, and Blizzard Entertainment has not forgotten. Now it is your turn to give back to that history, to relive the glory days of your obsession. Today Blizzard has announced the "I <3 SC" project, which allows fans to download and print out an "I <3 SC" graphic on a standard 8.5"x11" piece of paper. With that banner you are to take or create creative pictures with it, anywhere, doing anything, and send them to Blizzard. With the thousands of submissions that will be received from all over the world, by people who, like you, found StarCraft and discovered its brilliance, Blizzard will be constructing a mosaic that will be shown at many of their upcoming events. Since he was one of the few that truly put his heart into the project that we all fell in love with, it is fitting that one of the original StarCraft artists, Samwise, would create the heart used in the logo. Consider the mosaic a monument to the memories, the friends, and the experiences that StarCraft has provided you over the last decade. With the release of the sequel imminent, StarCraft's legacy will be realized. Perhaps the glory days will return again.

Here are a few examples taken by Blizzard to start the mosaic:

Random Blizzard Employee's including Bunny, a Lead Producer in the Web Team and WC shoutcaster

Nova Terra

Part of the European Blizzard Team, including the EU Community Manager, Steffi, enjoys the scenery in style

This is a fantastic opportunity for the fans to be a physical part of that history. Additionally, fifty lucky participants will be selected randomly to win a t-shirt from Blizzard with the "I <3 SC" logo! StarCraft: Legacy is pleased to be able to take part in this community venture. All of us, having dedicated some portion of our lives to this game for the last decade, can say only that we love this game, truly and absolutely. For some of us it was much more than a hobby - it is a calling. We serve the community for various reasons but not the least of which is for the love of a game. In an era where young people are given the reputation for a short attention span - a decade is a very, very long time.

You can get your own copy of the printable logo here. Prepare yourself - get creative in remembering the last decade of StarCraft and anticipating the years to come!

Blizzard - "I Love SC"
Cultural and economic hurricane, old friend, ferocious competitor

StarCraft has had an illustrious decade. This tribute will begin with establishing the paper trail, the storm of praise that occured with the release of StarCraft.

  • The Standard by Which All Real Time Strategy Games are Judged - GameSpot
  • #7, Top 50 Games of All Time, PC Gamer
  • #7, Top 100 Games of All Time - IGN
  • #9, Top 100 Games of All Time - Entertainment Weekly/G4.tv
  • IGN Users' Favorite Game of All Time - IGN
  • Number-one selling PC Game of 1998 - PC Data
  • Computer Game of the Year - Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS)
  • Game of the Year - Computer Gaming World
  • Game of the Year - European Consumer Trade Show Industry Award
  • Game of the Year - PC Powerplay
  • Game of the Year - Gamesmania
  • Best Game of the Year - PCFan
  • Taiwan Gamer's Choice of Game of the Year - PC Gamer China
  • Strategy Game of the Year - Computer Games Strategy Plus
  • Strategy Game of the Year - Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS)
  • Real Time Strategy Game of The Year - PC Gamer
  • Strategy Game of the Year - Gamespot
  • Strategy Game of the Year - Games Domain
  • Strategy Game of the Year - Gamesmania
  • Best Real Time Strategy Game - Editor's Choice - Gamezilla
  • Best Real Time Strategy Game - Reader's Choice - Gamezilla
  • Best Real Time Strategy Game - Reader's Choice - Gamecenter
  • Best Real Time Strategy Game - Reader's Choice - Duelist Magazine
  • Best Real Time Strategy Title - PCFan
  • Mulitplayer Game of The Year - 1999 Milia Awards
  • Multiplayer Game of the Year - Gamecenter
  • Mulitplayer Game of The Year - The Gamers Net
  • Best Multiplayer Title - PCFan
  • Best New Multiplayer Online Game - 1999 Codie Awards
  • Best use of Online Multiplayer Gaming (Editor Award) - HotGames.com
  • Best Online Game - Reader's Choice - Duelist Magazine
  • Special Achievement Award - Best Story - Gamespot
  • Special Achievement Award - Best Multiplayer Game - Gamespot
  • Best use of Sound in a Computer Game (Reader Award) - HotGames.com
  • #1 Reader's Top 50 - PC Gamer
  • Best Depth - PC Accelerator
  • 5 out of 5 Stars Editor's Choice - Computer Gaming World
  • 5 out of 5 Gameworthy Rating - C/NET Gamecenter
  • 9.4 out of 10 - Online Game Review
  • 92% Editors Choice - PC Gamer
  • 4.5 out of 5 star rating - Computer games Strategy Plus
  • 5 out of 5 star rating - Mac 3D Total Action
  • 9.1 out of 10 rating - Gamespot
  • A+ - Gameweek
  • 4 out of 4 star rating - USA Today

Being "The Standard by Which All Real Time Strategy Games are Judged" aside, the vast collection of praise from critics should be taken with a grain of salt. Considering that StarCraft smashed the scene as an unbalanced product in the first year of release, this praise is merely the beginning of economical and cultural dominance. This is a rare statement for the computer gaming industry.

In the age of disposable havoc-physic-engine-crazed games, there is something to be said for the quality of gameplay. StarCraft is easy to play, however mastering it is considered a career. This tension permiates the game. This tension consumes our interest. This tension is a rarity. The sense of originality is extended to how StarCraft became successful. To some extent, StarCraft was - and is - the quiet revolution. Neither whirlwind global releases nor endless hype were relied on to assure dominance. There is no cheese (if you will); there is only "straight up" success. StarCraft is the quiet giant.

This is somewhat ironic considering the multimillion dollar success and screaming fans during live matches. 3.31.08 - regardless to the "World of" or a sequel - is StarCraft's. The "game" has transcended those boundries to forge a legacy worth paying our respect to. Far more importantly, StarCraft has witnessed Marines on Cheeto bags.

TeamLiquid, a premier foreign community for Korean and professional coverage, has announced the incarnation of a hybrid tournament. Beginning in an open online ladder, the TeamLiquid Star League evolves into a grueling competitive pool, and culminates in a grand finale.

What is ambition? For TeamLiquid.net, our ambition is to be the best at what we do. Our determination takes us there. For years TL has been covering the Korean scene. We have brought the games, the news, and even the pros into your world. Now, with the dawn of a new era ahead of us, it is time for TL to take the next step; not just covering the StarLeagues, but running our own. With that in mind, TL.net proudly presents the TeamLiquid StarLeague.

In the context of this quote, TSL is inspired by the GSI StarLeague. The GSI event is a major development for the foreign StarCraft community in that Korean professional games werecasted by a dedicated English commentator, Tasteless. The announcement of TeamLiquid's tournament - in conjunction with Ascension, WCG, and other series - has created a riveting environment for competitive StarCraft. TSL uses the knowledge and experience of some the existing tournamentsin the tournament design:

Open to anyone outside Korea (the foreign StarCraft scene), the first stage of TSL begins on iCCup (a popular ladder). The iCCup qualification season is three weeks. After this period, the top sixteen seeds are automatically advance while seeds 17 through 48 compete in a BO3 single elimination bracket. In the second round, the top sixteen ladder seeds and the first round qualifiers play in Dual League-style (eight groups of four) groups using a BO3 format. Effectively, each group of four is double elimination. The victorious sixteen players from this bracket will compose the TSL stage which functions as a normal StarLeague.

The lights go on and it's showtime. The TSL will be broadcast live through our streaming server. Games will be commentated by our TL commentating team. Interviews will be given, hype banners will be created, and articles will be written. In the end, a champion will be born. With a prize pool of over $10,000 the TSL is the largest and most prestigious tournament for foreigners outside of WCG.

TeamLiquid is a focused and loyal ally to StarCraft. StarCraft: Legacy wishes TL.net the best of luck with TSL! For more information, please see the original announcement.

TeamLiquid - TeamLiquid StarLeague

Beyond the Game

Registration for WCG USA Open Tournament has opened. In general, there are two ways to qualify for the WCG Grand Finals: battling to qualification via an open tournament or winning an invite-only tournament. For more information about qualification for StarCraft and other games, please see the WCG USA page.

The World Cyber Games is an organization that promotes sport through cyberspace (also called eSports). The grand final - hosted in Cologne, Germany - will take place November 5th through 9th. Over 700 players from approximately 74 countries will take part this event. The

World Cy | ber Games
(noun proper)

  1. a global tournament in which sport is conducted within the medium of cyberspace, also known as e-sports.
  2. a rapidly growing international olympics in which nearly one million players complete against one another for the title of world champion in separate events.
  3. a gaming industry conference drawing industry leaders and technology experts as speakers and
  4. attendees to share ideas about the present and future of e-sports and their cultural relevance to society.
  5. a worldwide youth festival inaugurated in 2000 and held annually.
  6. the only single e-sports event organizing competition from six continents.
  7. the largest cyber-gaming event serving what is becoming the largest sports market in the world.

The WCG is a dynamic part of history for StarCraft. One tenth of a century, the competitive scene is alive and vibrant. The consecutive WCG features are yet another testament to StarCraft's vitality. StarCraft: Legacy is pleased to be providing coverage of this fantastic event. For more information about WCG, the structure of WCG, and countries active in the event, please see here.

World Cyber Games
World Cyber Games - About
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