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The StarCraft universe is growing in content and expanding into new media. Books and even board games are beginning to derive their subject matter from this universe. With this new responsibility, it is necesary for Blizzard to have a clear canon policy and to avoid inconsistencies in the storyline. Retroactive continuities, or retcons, undermine the storyboard of the original game and serve only to create more of these inconsistencies. Though retcons are resented by most fans, they are sometimes necessary to clean up the lore and avoid further inconsistencies. At StarCraft: Legacy we plan to examine the benefits and consequences of these retcons both generally and specifically.

For now, we present to you a case study of a new retcon which deals with the protoss death animations.

SC:L Editorial: The Animation of Death

"Earlier today Karune posted a closing holiday message from Blizzard:

As the office lights dim here, before we close up shop for the rest of the year, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, as it has been quite an exciting year with many big announcements!

Though of course, 2007 will be nothing compared to 2008, as those announcements will only be getting bigger!

To kick off 2008, we will be starting off the first episode of the BlizzCast podcast series, a Battle of the Fan Sites StarCraft Tournament, and we'll be adding a 'hands on' StarCraft II feedback section to the Q&A Batches.

If you have a fan site, starting up a fan site, or are just looking to play some StarCraft, join up this tournament with Blizzard prizes at:

In the meantime since we don't have an official Q&A Batch, we have two fan questions submitted from blizzplanet.com:

1) Can the Nomad's auto-turrets attack air units?

No, the auto-turrets currently only attack ground. Nonetheless, with their rapid fire rate, they are excellent for worker raids and supporting an engaging battle.

2) Will the Nomad build other mechanisms besides the auto-turrets?

Yes, the Nomad will be able to build multiple stationary defenses. We are currently testing a few of these, to see which will fit the best for the Nomad.

Happy Holidays & New Years! 2008 here we come!

The answers to those questions should put some people's minds to rest. Additionally we have some more info on the first ever BlizzCast:

BlizzCast Episode 1:

Interview with Sam Didier (Art Director SCII): Concepting Art for the StarCraft and Warcraft Franchises
Interview with Jeff Kaplan (Lead Designer WoW): Highlights of Sunwell Plateau and Patch 2.4
(At the end)Sweepstakes/Giveaway: Lots of SWAG

We're all very excited about this new medium Blizzard is going to be utilizing to give us more details on the process. Also SC:L does have plans to participate in the fansite tournament. Spec-Ops and LordofAscension will be representing SC:L against all challengers.

The SC:L Staff is off until December 26th; (unless there's some major news) you can expect our regular and some new content to be released then.

From all of us here at StarCraft Legacy, have a happy and safe holiday."

-SC:L Staff

Karune's Blizzard Holiday Post
In the coming months and years the inevitable march of time will yield change. StarCraft Legacy must adapt to meet these changes. StarCraft II and the SC:L Alpha project will mean major changes to both the entire community and the site. We need new, talented, dedicated members to staff our teams. We need news posters, editorial writers, interviewers, content development and management personel, graphics artists and coders. Each member in this community has something to contribute; if you enjoy working in a fast-paced, exciting enviroment with teams of highly motivated and dedicated staff members then we want you. In general, new recruits will be working on post-alpha material and will be exposed to a great variety of tasks, information, and staff members. They'll be working with our entire staff to design, produce, and create award winning content that is sure to have everyone talking. New staff will be able to direct and drive their own work through the process.

SC:L is increasing our staff to ensure that we meet and exceed the expectaions and goals that we have set for ourselves as well as our members. If you think you have what it takes to uphold and extend the legacy - contact us. We're thinking of the future; do you want to be a part of ours?

SC:L, in association with BGN and BlizzForums is proud to announce - the BlizzForums Invitational.

[quote]To most of the StarCraft Community, the opportunity to go compete at a major tournament such as the MSL or the WCG Tournaments are extremely unlikely. However, what if I told you that there was an opportunity to enter a major tournament where the winner takes all of the goods? In addition, what if I tell you that this tournament is open to anyone in the general public without an admission fee? Then we throw in $1,000 worth of prizes. Some might say, ""You're insane."" While I just say, ""It's the BlizzForums Invitational.""

The BlizzForums Invitational Tournament is a 64/128 player single elimination tournament that will be taking place over the course of a month starting October 26th. Don't let the length of the tournament scare you though. The BF Invitational Tournament's biggest appeal lies in the fact that it is designed for just about anyone to play. The tournament is divided into four regions of equal numbers of players and each of the regions has their own unique schedule that it follows for the preliminary rounds. So you can assign yourself a region that is best for you, instead of having someone tell you what's best for you. Then once we get to the final four players, the competitors set up the schedule themselves. In other words, this tournament is built around the players.

The most unique aspect of the BlizzForums Invitational Tournament though is the prizes and the awarding of these prizes. We are offering a prize package in value of ~$1,000 USD that includes a Logitech G15 Keyboard, a Logitech G5 Mouse and the real kicker, a Dell Optiplex 745 Tower Computer. To the winner of this tournament, goes all of the spoils.

Of course, you cannot win these great prizes without at least putting yourself in the competition. Are you interested? Check out the official website for the BlizzForums Invitational Tournament at [url]http://bfinv.wordpress.com[/url]. That site has all of the information about the full rules, schedules and how to sign up. (Note: Players must register by Friday, October 19th at 11:59 PM EST).

We are also looking for interested broadcasters, commentators and volunteers who would be willing to help out with the organization of the tournament. If you are interested in helping out please contact at [EMAIL="" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ""]SpaceDominator[/EMAIL]. Perhaps if the tournament is the success which I hope for it to be, there might be a worthwhile award at the end of the journey.

So are you ready for some StarCraft?

I hope to see you at the BF Invitational Tournament starting October 26th!


Good luck to all of the participants; win those awesome prizes! This is one of the many things we've had in the works for quite some time - enjoy it. Special thanks to the tournament lead: [b]SpaceDominator[/b].

[url=http://bfinv.wordpress.com/]Official BF Invitational Tournament Site[/url]"

[LEFT][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][B]Legacy Weekly[/B][/COLOR] is back! In this week's issue we cover everything that was [I]StarCraft[/I] in the last 3 weeks!

[CENTER][URL=""http://www.sclegacy.com/content/the-legacy-weekly-5/legacy-weekly---issue-3-27/""]Legacy Weekly Issue #3[/URL]

In case you've missed the previous issues, you can check them out here:

[CENTER][URL=""http://www.sclegacy.com/content/the-legacy-weekly-5/legacy-weekly---issue-1-24/""]Issue #1[/URL] | [URL=""http://www.sclegacy.com/content/the-legacy-weekly-5/legacy-weekly---issue-2-25/""]Issue #2[/URL]


As many of you know - StarCraft Legacy is currently the home of the Authorized Blizzard Fansites Database. But for the last several years the backend supporting the database did not function correctly and its policing and moderation was sadly, non-existant. One of the new Alpha features is the revival of our fansite links database. With a new integrated software package and a renewed vision for our links section we're ready to once again house one of the most complete and influential link compendiums on the net.


Beginning on September 28th, site entries will be uploaded. Please consider these guidelines, rules, and general protocol:

[*]This is an English database. If you are a non-English site, please indicate this in your description.
[*]Submissions will be deleted if [I]A.[/I] all fields are not filled out or [I]B.[/I] the description just repeatsĀ  the website name.
[*]We reserve the right to add, change, or remove content from entries.

StarCraft Legacy strives for a highly developed and high quality database. Please expect an entry you submit to be edited, at minimum, for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Rewording may also occur; however, we respect your right and ability to use varying sentence structure to advertise your site (e.g. short, long, simple, complex, etc...).[/quote]

Any registered user can submit a link for consideration. Once we've visited and authenticated the site to ensure it doesn't violate any Blizzard Terms of Service, we'll promptly add it. To protect the system from being abused, we'll be doing frequent check-ups on the site to make sure they aren't violating copyrights, still exist, and are in good standing. This database will seek to be complete and will not discriminate on content, member count, or professionalism. However, SC:L will be announcing its own affiliation program in the future for the mutual benefit of qualifying sites.

This database relies on the community and we hope that it will be the first of many positive contributions to the community. We have many exciting things planned for this project including some great inter-site collaboration. To submit a link you can either click [url=http://www.sclegacy.com/links/addlink.php?c=0]here[/url] or click on Fansite Links menu item on the left. We'll definitely be adding periodical updates to the system and more site profile details (suggestions welcome).

And to everyone waiting for the return of our award winning content - fear not. Nothing is lost and we're working on converting it as quickly as we can. Regular news posting is right around the corner along with much of our promised new material (and maybe a teaser of the completed Alpha concepts?). If you have any questions about the database or anything else don't hesitate to PM any staff member. Remember we exist because of you!

- The SC:L Staff"
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