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I, Mengsk is a StarCraft-licensed novel describing the story of the Mengsk dynasty. About two weeks ago, SC:L interviewed Graham McNeill, author of I, Mengsk. McNeill promised a book with much accurate information about StarCraft lore and the Mengsk family, and indeed he has delivered such.

Therefore, it's StarCraft: Legacy's pleasure to review the novel, which, as is per custom for our reviews, offers an analysis and lengthy synopsis.

SC:L Reviews I, Mengsk

The deadline for the SC:Legacy Macro Theorycrafting Contest is fast approaching. There is only one week left to submit your ideas. We've already received many excellent submissions, and look forward to reading more of your ideas as the contest winds down.

Remember, the prize is an "I <3 SC" t-shirt and the top 3 winners will have their ideas sent straight to Dustin Browder's desk for review. For official rules & steps on how to submit, see the StarCraft: Legacy Macro Theorycrafting Contest news post. Good luck everyone.

StarCraft: Legacy Macro Theorycrafting Contest

Graham McNeill, author of upcoming StarCraft novel I, Mengsk, recently allowed StarCraft: Legacy to ask him some questions about him and his upcoming book.

I, Mengsk is the story of one of the most famous and influential families in the StarCraft universe - the Mengsks: rebels, saviors, traitors and emperors.  Detailing the histories of all three generations, from Angus the nobleman turned insurgent through Arcturus the ruler, to Valerian, mysterious son of the most powerful man in the sector.  

The following interview touches on Graham McNeill's writing background and some of the story elements from the upcoming novel I, Mengsk, slated to be released in early 2009, and December 30th, 2008 in the United States.

SC:L Interviews Graham McNeill

This is a crucial time for the development of StarCraft II. Beta is just around the corner, and the game has improved greatly. The addition of UI interface improvements such as MBS has brought StarCraft II into the modern era. But these improvements come with their drawbacks. The game has been criticized for not having a sufficient amount of macromanagement, or actions in the game that go toward managing a player's buildings and economy. This is a problem that could pose a serious threat to its success.

Therefore, StarCraft: Legacy is proud to present the Macro Theorycrafting Contest. The challenge is to craft a creative mechanic, for any race, or all, that will surpass the current gas mechanic. Here is an example of such a mechanic. Multiple submissions are allowed.

The winner will receive an "I <3 SC" t-shirt. In addition, the top three winners will have their ideas sent directly to Dustin Browder's desk. The deadline is 3 weeks from now - January 6th. StarCraft: Legacy will select the cream of the crop from the submissions and the community will vote for the best mechanic. Email your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The email should contain the following sections:

  • Name - The name you prefer to go by if you are announced as a winner.
  • TLDR Version - Some of these mechanics can get quite wordy. Therefore, you should offer a slimmed-down version of your mechanic so that voters will read every idea and vote objectively. The maximum length is 150 words.
  • Expanded Description - If you feel that you have more to say about your mechanic then this is place to do it.

Consider some of these suggested criteria as you craft your submission:
  • The ideal mechanic should be direct in its usage and provide beneficial gameplay.
  • The ideal mechanic should have both advantages and disadvantages.
  • The ideal mechanic should not have a drastically negative effect for any player, whether for you, your teammate or an opponent and his teammate.
  • The ideal mechanic should not discourage micro.
  • The ideal mechanic should not alter the MBS or auto-mining features.
  • The ideal mechanic should be flexible in its ability to be balanced.
  • The ideal mechanic should not be forced upon a specific map or upon a certain type of player.
  • The ideal mechanic's effect should not be random - its results must have definite results.
  • Preferably, the ideal mechanic will be dependent upon a player's choices.

The problem of macro has been discussed to death in the community. But now is the time to stop talking and start doing something about it - you could potentially make an impact on StarCraft 2's success. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

The StarCraft: Legacy team is proud to present the BlizzCon 2008 write-ups. You can view all of our BlizzCon 2008 articles on the right side-menu.

BlizzCon 2008 was a historic event; those who attended this year's BlizzCon will remember it as the awe-inspiring celebration that it was. What was it like, then, to walk the show floor, attend the panels, and meet the developers? In the BlizzCon Experience, StarCraft: Legacy's staff members detail their BlizzCon weekend and impressions of the event itself.

StarCraft: Legacy - BlizzCon 2008 Experience

The StarCraft II Gameplay Panel heralded the announcement of the StarCraft II Trilogy. StarCraft: Legacy's write up of the panel includes videos, transcripts and photos.

StarCraft: Legacy - BlizzCon 2008 StarCraft II Gameplay Panel

StarCraft: Legacy's write-up of the StarCraft II Art Panel contains an exclusive interview with Brian Sousa, Senior 3D Artist for StarCraft II.

StarCraft: Legacy - BlizzCon 2008 StarCraft II Art Panel

StarCraft: Legacy's write-up of the StarCraft II Lore Panel includes a detailed summary of the event and a teaser for a collaboration between StarCraft: Legacy and Blizzard's loremasters.

StarCraft: Legacy - BlizzCon 2008 StarCraft II Lore Panel

Each staff member who attended BlizzCon has written up summaries of StarCraft II's gameplay.

StarCraft: Legacy - Staff StarCraft II Gameplay Impressions

LordofAscension has been playing StarCraft II at almost every major Blizzard event since the announcement. He was written up his own comprehensive review for the BlizzCon build of StarCraft II.

StarCraft: Legacy - LordofAscension's Gameplay Impressions

The Post-BlizzCon StarCraft II FAQ contains pre-BlizzCon questions gathered from StarCraft: Legacy's members.

StarCraft: Legacy - Post-Blizzcon StarCraft II FAQ

More StarCraft II media can be found on our videos, screenshots, and unit renders pages. For a complete listing of stats from the BlizzCon 2008 build see the side-bar on the right. Some statistics may be inaccurate and are subject to change.

We have, as always, endeavored to maintain the highest quality standards in our writing/coverage; we hope that you understand that this takes time and appreciate what we are able to do for you. We are very proud of our work. We're already hard at work on original SC:L content! Please keep checking back for our special edition feature on the Trilogy decision. Additionally, if you have any questions or comments on SC:L's 2008 BlizzCon coverage, please feel free to email our coverage team.

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) BlizzCon 2008 feature event.

The beginning of this news post is concerning this past week's downtime, while the ending of this post is a preview of StarCraft: Legacy's post-BlizzCon coverage.

* Server Downtime

Unfortunately, StarCraft: Legacy crashed throughout this year's BlizzCon. We were unable to cover the event live. LordofAscension, the Lead Administrator, offers the reasons for this disappointment. This is part of his detailed explaination post:

Midway through the first day of BlizzCon - the typical happened - we crashed due to the incredibly huge influx of traffic that our coverage often brings to one of these events. It was subsequently rectified by promptly restarting the server and adjusting some of our settings. Then the unthinkable happened - it went down again - right before and after the the major news of the day - the gameplay panel (and hence the trilogy announcement) went live.


Here's what actually happened: I returned home today (Sunday night) very late and started messing around with the site looking for a coding error or a malicious insertion. What did my investigation ultimately uncover? A DOS (denial of service) attack. We have since blocked the IP from accessing the server and since we are in possession of it we'll be tracing and subsequently reporting the IP to their provider for immeadiate removal and/or further consequences. I'll be going back in the logs to see if this has occurred with the rest of the crashes or if it was legitimate traffic.

Additionally, RedCloak, the Lead Administrator of BlizzForums, is honest about how these technical problems often work:

We appreciate how frustrating it is when the site constantly has issues during peak times. Trust me, you come here to get the information. People like LoA spend months preparing for an event like this only to have the server crash.

If you think it's annoying for you, imagine that magnified exponentially. And, if you think he should "move the site to a better server", you misunderstand the staff's control over the ownership.

* Upcoming BlizzCon Coverage

This is the list of planned post-BlizzCon coverage:

  • LordofAscension's StarCraft II gameplay report (including an analysis of the economic changes)
  • Three additional, distinct gameplay impressions from Gradius, Zero and DiscipleofAdun
  • An art panel analysis article
  • Screenshots, videos and images from the event itself
  • An in-depth lore panel article co-written by Gradius and LordofAscension
  • An article answering some of the questions surrounding the Trilogy and LordofAscension's personal impressions of what this means for the franchise (as well as what Browder, Metzen and Chambers thinks about it). This will include the gameplay panel analysis.
  • An article discussing the fansite summit this year as well as some possible teasers as to the new Battle.Net features
  • A single article summarizing the Diablo III information (including the results of two hours plus of play testing)
  • A teaser regarding some more collaboration between StarCraft: Legacy and some Blizzard folks
  • Complete stats from the BlizzCon StarCraft II build
  • An article that just summarizes our thoughts on the con itself (written with input from all of the attending staffers)
  • Suprises, magic, you know?
  • An exclusive BlizzForums Q&A with questions gathered from our pre-BlizzCon question thread
In brief:

StarCraft: Legacy is online.
BlizzForums will be online tomorrow.

Details will be provided tomorrow (we want BlizzForums to be online as well). Server hardware is being replaced, so this estimate may be sooner or later then reality. This experience has been as frustrating for us as it has been for you; we're sorry for the disappointment, and we're thankful for the Community's support.

BlizzCon 2008 coverage will be updated and released tomorrow. This weekend will feature articles from the staff who attended the 'Con. BlizzCon 2008: In Review will be used (or republished) as the post.

Update: The About page has been updated with Translation and Competitive Coverage sections.

StarCraft: Legacy is expanding, and is looking for additional staff members. There is opportunity in Content, Coding, Graphical, Audio-Visual, StarCraft Pro-Scene and Translation areas. This is a period of growth; StarCraft: Legacy is excited to facilitate the next generation of fansite coverage, features and support.

Please browse the About feature in our SC:L FAQ; you will find a staff listing, a staff position listing, and a (to be released) site history entry.

If you think you have what it takes to uphold and extend the legacy - contact rise or LordofAscension for further information via rise[at]sclegacy[dot]com and lordofascension[at]sclegacy[dot]com respectively. We're thinking of the future; do you want to be a part of ours?

StarCraft: Legacy - Jobs

"Fighter Replays is a newly launched site that hosts replay files for StarCraft. Though it is in a beta stage at this point, it already hosts a slew of features. For example, users can upload, favorite and request replays. SC:L recently got a chance to interview Skew, one of their lead admins."

SC:L Interviews Fighter Replays

StarCraft: Queen of Blades by Aaron Rosenburg, set in the StarCraft universe, covers Jim Raynor's adventures during the StarCraft Zerg Campaign. In our latest book review, we provide a synopsis of the novel and discuss the accuracy of the presented canon. Be advised that this review includes spoilers from StarCraft: Queen of Blades.

SC:L Reviews StarCraft: Queen of Blades

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