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SC:L Guest Editorial Contest

Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's Hero Contest! This challenge is to design the most compelling and interesting hero set in the StarCraft universe. A unique hero created from any of the three races is accepted. A well crafted idea will include the hero name, unit type/stats, back story (including place in the StarCraft timeline), and other interesting “facts”. A unit portrait art and/or other art relating to the hero are strongly encouraged. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: professionalism of writing and art (if applicable), adherence to canon, and innovation. The entry back story/description of the character should not exceed 1,500 words.

The following prizes are up for grabs:

1st Place  - One StarCraft II Beta Key & a special limited edition print of SC:L's header control art
2nd Place - One StarCraft II Beta Key
3rd Place  - One StarCraft II Beta Key
4th Place  - One StarCraft II Beta Key


The deadline for the contest is July 26th. Please send your submissions to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your SC:L username and "Hero Contest Submission" as the subject. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

SC:L Guest Editorial Contest

Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's Guest Editorial Contest! An emphasis on the community and crafting thought provoking editorials has long been an important part of the legacy experience. StarCraft Legacy has had the privilege of showcasing several editorials written by members of our site. While these site members not officially site content staff, we recognize, help edit, and publish their excellent ideas in editorial form. We are turning this process into a special contest. Entries will be judged by their relevance, innovative ideas, writing clarity, and readability. The top entries will be published via SC:Legacy's mainpage and included in our special guest editorial series.

The following prizes are up for grabs:

1st - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key & a special limited edition print of SC:L's header control art
2nd - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key
3rd - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key
4th - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key


Here are some examples of editorials:

The subject matter is limited to anything StarCraft-related, whether it be gameplay, lore, or general thoughts. Images in editorials are not required but are a bonus if they're used well. The deadline for the contest is July 26th. Send your submissions to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your SC:L username and "Guest Editorial Submission" as the subject. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

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SC:L Guest Editorial Contest

SC:L will be launching a series of contests in the coming days to celebrate our grand relaunch. First off, we would like to congratulate Junzou, the winner of our registration contest. He will receive a copy of the extremely limited edition (20) High Templar control art used to design the banner for SC:L 7.0, signed by his favorite SC:L staff member.

And now, we welcome you to StarCraft: Legacy's Trivia Contest!  In order to participate, answer the following questions by sending an email to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your SC:L username and "Trivia Contest Submission" as the subject and specify whether or not you would be able to attend BlizzCon 2009:

1) In what direction does the Mutalisk’s Glaive wurm tend to travel when attacking many targets?

2) Explosive and Concussive are two out of the three common damage types in StarCraft. The third type of damage is called _______ damage.

3) Who was the only American to beat Boxer at the World Cyber Games?

4) What was the most popular official Map of the Week on the Battle.net StarCraft Compendium?

5) What were the Terran Marines initially named in the StarCraft Beta?

6) In StarCraft map making, what is the number of the player that is considered the “neutral player,” such that the player’s units stay on the map in a non-UMS StarCraft game?

7) What do Terran Medics call the lethal drug that is administered to dying Marines?

8) What was the name of the Confederate's clandestine group of secret police?

9) What two alternate names were used for the Zerg during StarCraft's early designs? "Space Orcs" is not one of them.

10) In which Warcraft III campaign mission is there a Hydralisk hiding behind some trees (mission name and which campaign)?

11) What is Sammuro?

12) Who/what controls units created from the Protoss Robotics Facility?

13) Which world did Kerrigan begin a rebellion on in the early Terran missions?

14) What were the guards of the Conclave called?

15) Chris Metzen once referred to Tassadar as a ______ -like character?


The following prizes are up for grabs:

1st Place  - One BlizzCon 2009 Ticket, One StarCraft II Beta Key
2nd Place - One BlizzCon 2009 Ticket, One StarCraft II Beta Key
3rd Place  - One BlizzCon 2009 Ticket, One StarCraft II Beta Key
4th Place  - One StarCraft II Beta Key


The people with the most correct answers will win; if there is a tie then the winner will be picked at random. The deadline for the contest is June 15th. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

Announcing the triumphant return of the Legacy Weekly!  Bringing you all the StarCraft news from the last week in an easy to read format delivered straight to you right here on the front page.  For this week's issue, click here.

Legacy Weekly, Issue 8

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Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy 7.0, formerly code named: alpha. It has been several years since we first initiated the alpha project; five coders, six graphic artists, twenty content staff members, and hours of frustration later, we are pleased to reveal the fruits of our labor. As you may have noticed, SC:L 7.0 is primarily a graphical upgrade from our famous v6.0 skin that had lasted almost 5 years. In addition to the new skin, SC:L's article system and backend has been revamped, giving the SC:L staff unparalleled control of the content you see. While our recent downtime was longer than we anticipated, we are proud to return. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality of news coverage, as well as innovative & interesting in-house editorials, is unchanged. We have several editorials and features in the pipe, 5-by-5. Make sure you explore our new site.
Here is a short description of a few of our new site features:

  • SC:L Official Forums - At long last, the StarCraft forums have split off from BlizzForums and are now hosted on SC:L, combining the two userbases into one of the largest online StarCraft communities. However, Blizzforums is an old forum with an exceedingly large database. Therefore, in order to not bog down the new forum database, Blizzforums's userbase shall be separate from and not part of SC:L. Users must reregister. However, if one wishes their post count restored, they should contact an administrator on the new forums.
  • Blog System - As part of our evolution, SC:L is attempting to become more user friendly. To this end we have added a blogging feature to our site. We suggest that it be used primarily for StarCraft related subjects, but this is of course, a site for you.
  • The Official SC:L Newsletter - We welcome back our popular site feature: "SC:L Weekly" as our official newsletter. To opt-in to our weekly recapping of all of your StarCraft related news from around the community be sure to click our new newsletter icon in the header.

In addition to our new features, SC:L has entered into some new and exciting partnerships. While the fruits of one are still secret (although that too is nearing completion), our other is poised to bring us many new benefits. SC:Legacy has joined the Org Network. That means we have teamed up with sites like Starcraft.org, Starcraft2forum.org, and Campaign Creations to provide even greater coverage. The rewards of this new partnership are numerous. You'll see our event coverage evolve and our inter-site collaboration increase.

StarCraft: Legacy aims to be your definitive StarCraft lore resource. To this end we have added several new reference articles:
  • StarCraft Story - The extremely popular StarCraft lore resource used by Blizzard employees themselves, our StarCraft story transcript has been rebuilt from the ground up - featuring remade images, HD videos, and the literally never-before-seen transcript of the alternate "First Strike" Protoss demo mission at Antioch first discovered by SC:L's Gradius.
  • StarCraft Insurrection and Retribution - The two add-on packs for StarCraft are extremely rare and difficult to find as they are no longer in production. Nonetheless, these official Blizzard-authorized StarCraft add-on packs are a part of StarCraft canon. SC:L now has the text transcripts for both Insurrection and Retribution.
  • StarCraft: Revelations and Hybrid - Two StarCraft short stories authored by Chris Metzen and Mickey Neilson appeared in the now-defunct Amazing Stories science-fiction magazine. They are no longer sold and are extremely rare. SC:L now has the text transcripts for both Revelations and Hybrid available.

Of course, what would a grand celebration be without prizes and contests? Over the course of the next week you will see many contests begin here at SC:L. We have an incredible line-up of prizes and a very diverse selection of contests. To celebrate today, we're kicking things off with a very simple contest. The first 100 people to register at the new SC:L and email their username to lordofascension[at]sclegacy.com will be entered into a random drawing to win an extremely limited edition (20) print of the Tassadar control art, used to design the banner for SC:L 7.0, signed by your favorite SC:L staff member!

Continue to check SC:L for our new contest announcements all week long!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new version of StarCraft Legacy and we encourage your feedback! If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to private message our staff or use the contact us form at the bottom of this page. What you see here today is by no means the end of the "alpha process"; we are already hard at work to produce additional content and site features - some of which are a very long time in coming. As always, SC:L staff is always vigilant when it comes to StarCraft news. Nonetheless, if you, our users, notice something interesting we missed please use the Submit News form to submit news tips to SC:L staff.

We look forward to continuing to bring you high quality professional StarCraft coverage. It is our great privilege to serve the community. A legacy never ends.



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The Electronic Sports League Finals took place the past weekend, where StarCraft II was playable. StarCraft: Legacy had people at the event. First up we have a Q&A Session complete with stats from the build. In addition, we have an in-depth StarCraft II analysis focusing on Zerg.

The build played at ESL this past weekend was the Leipzig build, synonymous with the GC 2008 build. Though it was outdated, it did not contain too drastic changes from the BlizzCon 2008 build. In addition to a gameplay video, several other impressions have come out.

Thanks go to to Benwa and Hammy for their excellent field work.

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ESL Finals Paris: Stats and Q&A
ESL Finals Paris StarCraft II Gameplay Impressions

As the tears dry, the arguments die and the campaigning halts we come to the end of our macro theorycrafting competition.  StarCraft: Legacy would like to thank everyone who took the time to draft up their ideas and vote. This competition was a mighty success, resulting in brilliant ideas forged in the heat of discussion.  Almost every entry we received was worthy of a place in the final ten and the entire process has been a compliment to the intelligence of the StarCraft community. However, as in every competition there must be winners.  Here are the top three, voted for by you guys:

Third Place - MBS and Auto-Mine Penalty by petzergling

Without a doubt the most controversial mechanic in this contest, it was criticized for putting a penalty on new UI features such as MBS and automine, something that Blizzard would not implement. Nevertheless, it was a popular choice and has netted third place.

Second Place - Three Mining Modes by MaybeNextTime and Frozen Arbiter.

Our friends from TeamLiquid have submitted their own macro mechanic, which was simple, intuitive, and well-received.

First Place - Worker Abilities by ArcherofAiur

And the winner of our contest is a person notorious for posting his macro ideas on the various StarCraft community forums: ArcherofAiur. His mechanic proposes unique abilities for workers which promote macro through choice. ArcherofAiur will receive a no-longer-sold-in-stores "I <3 SC" t-shirt.

These will be sent to Dustin Browder for his perusal and maybe, just maybe, added into the game. Congratulations to the finalists, and once again, thanks to everyone who participated.

This has been a StarCraft: Legacy (http://www.sclegacy.com/) Contest.

The second volume of the StarCraft: Frontline comics was released shortly ago. SC:L reviewed volume 1 quite extensively, and has now put volume 2 up to the microscope as well. Comics bring the universe alive in a much different way than the novels do. Volume 1's success has caused the series to be expanded into four volumes. Therefore, it's our pleasure to review the second volume as well.

Even if you've already read the book, our review might be able to clarify some things that were hard to spot or understand. So be sure to check it out.

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SC:L Reviews StarCraft: Frontline Volume 2

We have narrowed down the entries for the StarCraft: Legacy Macro Theorycrafting Contest to the top 10 finalists. The finalists can be found here. The semi-finalists can be found here. The top three winners will have their mechanics sent straight to Dustin Browder's desk, and the winner will receive an "I <3 SC" t-shirt.

SC:L has received submissions from all across the community - it's now time to pick out the winners. Voting is open to all guests, but a BlizzForums account is needed. Vote for your favorite mechanic here. Good luck finalists!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

Submissions for the StarCraft: Legacy Macro Theorycrafting Contest are now closed. SC:L would like to thank all those who took their time to draft up ideas and send them to us. Indeed, it will be interesting to see the best of what our community has to offer.

We have received many excellent submissions from all across the StarCraft community. We have read all your suggestions and are narrowing down the choices for voting. The voting shall begin shortly, and will be open to everyone.

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

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