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Legacy Weekly #26 has just warped in, with an extreme makeover, fresh with the brand new features Plays Of The Week and a Custom Map Review. If you want to contribute by submitting replays for Plays Of The Week, check out this thread.

We would also like some feedback, positive or negative, as long as it's constructive. We will have a dedicated e-mail up, but for now, please post any feedback in the comments field.

Legacy Weekly, Issue 26

StarCraft: Legacy has six copies of the recently released StarCraft novel, Heaven's Devils, to give away to some of our most creative members!  Using the StarCraft II Galaxy Map Editor, create the most beautiful/harrowing/awe-inspiring terrain screenshot you can. The map editor is your canvas, and we would love to see your artistic sides! Here is an example of what we're looking for:

terrain by handclaw
Entries may not be altered or enhanced in any way, only screenshots directly from the map editor please. Submit your entries to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your StarCraft: Legacy username and a link to your image of your terrain. Only one entry per person. The contest ends June 20th.

Remember, we are looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing, not a map or mod. While the nature of this contest is subjective, here are the qualities we will be examining:
  • Believabilty
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Professionalism
  • Camera Positioning
  • Image Quality

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

Last year SC:L and the ORG network announced on April Fools that we would be giving away beta keys to folks who would email us a reason for why they deserved one. Luckily it wasn't a joke, and we have finally gotten around to delivering these keys. We enjoyed reading all your entries - some made us laugh, some were sad and some were inspirational. We sorted the best entries into a pool of over 50 people and randomly picked the winners, who are: jchunn, tgfan, Rashed801, Betrayer67, Tron67, BoxeR, TylerJWilson, Zee, VoidCannon, Aldaris15, CriBengalaas, lammo, RagePhoenix, Scried, Xulcus and sc4life.

This list does not include the people who have yet to claim their prize.


This has been a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

Legacy Weekly #25 is here, ripe with delicious Beta Fruit. Yum!

Legacy Weekly, Issue #25

As can be seen, we have updated the graphics for our news headers, opting for a boxed instead of an open design. In addition, comments will now be directly made on the post itself instead of our forums, similar to our old system. If you are an unregistered guest, simply enter your name, email, and the letters in the security image to post a comment. If you are a registered member simply log-in to enter your comment.

Look out for more site improvements and additions in the coming weeks.

Legacy Weekly #24 is here, chock full of beta rumors, forums posts, and idiotic analogies. Get in here!

Legacy Weekly, Issue #24

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Legacy Weekly #23 just got out of it's sleek red Ferrari, de-pantsed you, then stole your girlfriend; so check it out here and know your enemy!

Legacy Weekly, Issue #23

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Happy Holidays from StarCraft: Legacy. We hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family this holiday season. Be safe and stay well.

(Santa-Reaper by ZealotPowerade)

- The StarCraft: Legacy Team

Legacy Weekly #22 has just washed up on the beach covered with seaweed and plastic, bringing you all the StarCraft news from the last week in an easy to read format delivered straight to you here on the front page. For this week's issue, click here.

Legacy Weekly, Issue 

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Legacy Weekly #20 has just warped in, bringing you all the StarCraft news from the last week in an easy to read format delivered straight to you here on the front page. For this week's issue, click here.

Legacy Weekly, Issue 2

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