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What new power is the best in SC2, currently?

Stalker's Blink, hands down. Blink into battle, out of battle, up and down cliffs. Blink to chase, Blink to run, Blink to raid, Blink to escape. It's so flexible and will really make the Stalker an excellent unit in the hands of a good micro-er.
Blizzard has been very secretive as far as how the storyline will continue in Starcraft 2. All we really know is that there will only be three playable races, along with some of the background lore leading up to the game. It's a bit early to know for certain, but what do you think? Who do you think will end up on top at the end of Starcraft 2? Will the Zerg stay on top, or will the Protoss or Terran have rebuilt enough to become the dominant force in the Koprulu Sector? Or will a non-playable, currently-unspecified race take over?

Note: When I say the "end of Starcraft 2", I mean the end of Starcraft 2, not an expansion, assuming there will be one.

What is your favorite race?

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