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The winners of the first ever Blizzard Entertainment Global Writing Contest have been announced:

The first ever Blizzard Entertainment Global Writing Contest is now complete!

We would just like to say how impressed we are by the overwhelming number of high-quality entries we received. Ranging from epic to earnest and hilarious to horrific, your stories conveyed true devotion, passion, and insight. The judges went through several rounds before selecting the finalists, but in the end only the big man himself, Chris Metzen, could choose the winning entry. We would like to thank all of the contest entrants for the time and effort that they put into their stories. It is always a pleasure to see our fans demonstrate their immense creativity and talent!

The grand prize winner will be flown to Blizzard Entertainment headquarters to meet the Blizzard creative writing staff, and will be the owner of a brand new shiny (and pointy) Frostmourne replica sword by Epic Weapons.

Grand Prize Winner!

In the Shadow of the Sun by Sarah Pine

Runners Up - (Alphabetical Order by Author)

The Runners Up will be receiving signed copies of the Diablo Archive, StarCraft Archive, Warcraft Archive, and Warcraft War of the Ancients Archive.

Kuma's Song by Tzu-Mainn Chen

The Baron's Bird by Andrew Moeller

Where Loyalties Lie by Michael Edmund O'Reilly

Into the Void by Benjamin P. Reeves

The Last Days of Crank Fizzlepop by Sean Lucas Riley

Why We Fight by Jason Matthew Rodriguez

Flag of the Black King by Erik Sabol

Honorable Mentions - (Alphabetical Order by Author)

While the Honorable Mentions haven't won a place in the contest, they've won a place in our hearts, and their stories have earned at the very least a mention to their greatness.

Eyes of the Dead by Luke Jackson

Dalaran Noir by Eric F. Kelley

The Princess and the Peon by Ben Lappin

Vengeance by Pamela Manasco

Windmills by Brendon Mroz

A Feast Fit For a Murloc by Kyle Schliesman

Mason by Charles Shattuck

The Defias Gambit by Craig E. Stalbaum

By Whatever Means Necessary by Laurie Tom

Inevitably Northward by Sam Zucchi

Thank you again to everyone who entered! We'll be posting select stories and excerpts on our website in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to share in these truly inspiring stories.


As mentioned, Blizzard plans to reveal some of the stories on their website. Considering the amount of high quality material submitted, it will no doubt be a joy to read the top StarCraft stories.

Battle.net - Global Writing Contest - Winners!

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SC:L Exclusive Fansite Q&A

1. Are any other units aside from the Dark Templar going to have multiple models (ie. male and female Ghosts)?

Currently, we're not considering any other units for multiple models.


2. In the original StarCraft and Brood War, Carriers have been very rarely used for competitive matches due to their ineffectiveness in small numbers because of their critical mass effect. Up until now, what changes or ideas have played with to increase their effectiveness in small numbers with or without other ships for support, and what is the current status on the Carrier? Also, what about the Battlecruiser?

In general, it's still better if you have as many carriers or battlecruisers as possible in the battle. However, small numbers of carriers or battlecruisers will be still very useful for supporting both ground and air units.


3. We were told recently that workers can't patrol. This makes SCV auto-repair a lot less useful. (In Warcraft III, you could set a worker to patrol, and it would auto-repair any damaged buildings or mechanical units nearby. Great for keeping towers (and bunkers!) alive.)

SCVs can patrol, so if you activate auto-casting of the SCV's repair ability, that SCV will repair damaged buildings or units it encounters while on patrol. The SCV will repair nearby units and buildings and continue its designated patrol pattern again after the repairs are complete.

4. What use does the Overlord usually see versus the Nydus Worm? That is, in what capacity is each transport mechanic used?

It all depends on a player's choice in each case. When you want try out a sneaky and clever attack on the enemy's base, the nydus worm can be useful in that role as a more tactical and general choice for harassing the enemy's economy. However, you can also use a mass overlord drop just like the original StarCraft, for an aggressive, all-out attack. However, the overlord drop is riskier, as you're putting much of your supply and the cargo in jeopardy if you encounter strong anti-air defense.


5. Can Thors or Colossi be transported in any way?

Thors and colossi can be transported by each race's transportation units: the medivac and the warp prism.


6. How do you use the Thor's resurrection ability? Does it cost resources to use?

Thor doesn't have the resurrection ability any more in the current build. While the mechanic was a cool idea on paper, it didn't end up being especially practical when we tried it in internal playtesting.


7. How has more efficient AI and pathfinding affected the game? Does it make the game easier?

AI in StarCraft II is much more developed from the original StarCraft. For example, the computer is required to scout to find you now in every difficulty mode. In higher difficulty modes, the AI will adapt to what it sees you are building to counter your selected strategy with key units of their own. This means that the computer no longer cheats as far as "knowing" where you are and what you're doing. It can only react to what it sees when their scouts find your units and bases.

The pathfinding is also much improved in StarCraft II, which will reduce some frustration when directing your units to move long distances around varying terrain. Certain melee units are also smarter about attempting to surround enemies, but we don't believe this makes the game "easier." Players who choose to micro their armies will still have an advantage.


8. I would like to know if the MULE can repair air units and lifted-off buildings, and in turn, could we see MULEs being called down in the front lines to repair Battlecruisers and Thors or in the corner of the map to repair a burning Command Center that was lifted off to escape an attack? Also, at what rate does a MULE repair? Faster or slower than an SCV?

The mule is only for gathering minerals or scouting. You cannot repair units or structures with the mule.


9. Regarding the "Discussion with Artosis and Idra" video - does their prediction that Zerg vs. Zerg is degrading into "Roach spam" have any validity? Will ZvZ matchups frequent a more diverse selection of units beyond Zerglings, Roaches, and Mutalisks?

We would like to see as many units as possible being used in the battle, instead of some selected units like zerglings, roaches, and mutalisks. We are still polishing and balancing units including the roach, and hope to see how the players will make various combinations of units during the beta.

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Update: Tickets have been sold out. However, more will be on sale May 30th.

Just as a reminder, BlizzCon 2009 tickets will be on sale at 10:00 AM PDT on May 16, tommorow. Be sure to grab them fast!

Just in case Saturday, May 16 isn’t circled on your calendar, here’s a quick reminder that BlizzCon tickets will be going on sale tomorrow. After our gnomish engineers in Southern California get to work and finish making the final preparations late Saturday morning, they’ll activate the ticket-purchase process and BlizzCon tickets will officially go on sale. If you are unable to purchase tickets tomorrow, a second batch of tickets will go on sale May 30. And for those unable to attend the show, in-depth coverage of BlizzCon will also be offered by DIRECTV as a Pay Per View event, available both via satellite and Internet stream.

BlizzCon 2009 will take place August 21 and 22 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and tickets cost $125 each. For further information about the convention, check out the official BlizzCon site

Keep an eye on the ticket sales page tomorrow for the chance to get yours.


As usual there will be StarCraft II lore, art and gameplay panels at this year's BlizzCon:


The creators of StarCraft II discuss the design process and evolving mechanics of the upcoming real-time-strategy sequel.

The writers who shape the ever-expanding StarCraft universe bring you up-to-date on the defining characters and events in the interstellar struggle between the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg.

Join Blizzard Entertainment artists for a discussion about the distinctive art style of the StarCraft universe -- and how that style continues to evolve with the development of StarCraft II.


WoWInsider has also revealed the details of a new pet that can be found in the BlizzCon 2009 goody bag: Grunty the Marine Murloc, which will also be available to anyone who orders the DirecTV pay-per-view package as a World of WarCraft in-game item.


As always, StarCraft: Legacy will be in attendance and providing full StarCraft-coverage of the event. Expect our coverage to be vastly improved this year due to our new system. If you are attending BlizzCon this year and would be on hand to gather some information for SC:L, contact gradius[at]sclegacy.com.

BlizzCon 2009
WoWInsider - Blizzard confirms Grunty, the Marine Murloc, as BlizzCon giveaway

WoW Forums - Time Blizzcon Tickets Released

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Tickets for BlizzCon 2009 will be on sale May 16. Held in Anaheim, California on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22, this year's BlizzCon will be bigger & better than anything we've yet seen, due to there being no Blizzard Worldwide Invitational this year. In addition, there will be a pay-per-view internet sream:

For those unable to attend, DIRECTV will once again be televising BlizzCon in high definition as a Pay Per View event, featuring coverage from the show floor, exclusive interviews, demos, and more. In addition, for the first time, players around the world will be able to watch the DIRECTV BlizzCon event as a Pay Per View Internet stream.

BlizzCon 2009


Recently StarCraft: Legacy partook in StarCraft's 10 Year Anniversary: "I <3 SC" Contest sponsored by Blizzard. Because we sucessfully acquired 50 unique submissions we were awarded an exclusive Q&A batch. From our 20 question submission 8 have been answered:


1) What is the current state of the Hydralisk? The current stats we have are tier 2-2.5, 100 minerals, 75 gas, 80-90 HP, and 8-10 dmg with no special abilities. Compared to the Roach, the Hydralisk appears inferior in every way, with it's only saving grace being GTA capability. However, because the Mutalisk is in the same tier, only slightly more expensive, and it can fly, the Hydralisk appears to be almost useless for such an iconic unit. (sclegacy.com)

Actually, the Hydralisk has since been boosted up quite a bit in terms of damage. They currently have 80 hit points and have a ground attack of 13 + 3 versus armored and an air attack of 12 + 5 versus armored. The Hydralisk also has a range of 6 and moves at a ‘fast’ speed, with no need to upgrade with the speed bonus anymore. Roaches on the other hand, only have an attack of 10, half the Hydralisk’s range, and is slower to move as well. The new damage the Hydralisk is able to put out now makes it very dangerous, as Zerg players will be able to take out buildings with a pack of Hydras, with only a few volleys (same goes to Battlecruisers!). Nonetheless, they are extremely weak at 80 hit points, and thus need to always be protected. The new cost for Hydralisks are also 100 minerals and 100 gas.

2) How does Anti-Gravity work on Zerg buildings since they're organs intrinsically a part of the creep? They are essentially part of the creep. Do they lose health? Also, how does it affect burrowed units? Will they go back to being burrowed or not? (sclegacy.com)

Zerg buildings will not take damage when they are lifted. Burrowed units lifted will become burrowed again when the ability finishes.

3) With the Thor back to having both anti-air and anti-ground attacks, will he be capable of discharging both weapons simultaneously at a Colossus? Or will only the stronger attack affect it? If it is only the stronger attack, is that dynamically chosen by the game? (sclegacy.com)

Any unit with both ground and air attacks will attack the Colossus with the stronger of the two attacks, but not with both.

4) With the Medivac being a late-game tech, are Terran infantry impaired against the other two races in early to mid-game? (sclegacy.com)

No, Terran is actually quite strong early game for a few different reasons. One, their tier 1 unit is ranged and is thus excellent at defending cliffs without being able to be countered without sight. Two, the new supply depots are excellent at building the perfect barricade in early game. Three, Marauders are very tough and are excellent at winning heavy micromanaged battles, preventing units from reaching your Marines.

5) Does the Ghost's EMP Grenade ability function any differently from the Science Vessel's EMP ability from StarCraft Vanilla? (sclegacy.com)

Nope, the EMP currently works the same as the EMP from the original StarCraft.

6) What special abilities, in the current build, can be cast from inside a bunker? Can a nuke be called down? (sclegacy.com)

In a bunker, units will be able to use Stim Pack, call down Nukes, Sniper, and use EMP.

7) Does the Jackal's attack damage friendly units and/or have AoE capabilities? (sclegacy.com)

The Jackal’s attack will only damage enemy units in its area of effect. Technically, it will target a set unit and all units in that line of fire will take damage.

8) The Zerg do not seem to have equal air power compared to the other two races. The Protoss have Carriers and Warp Rays; the Terrans have BCs. While the Mutalisk makes a great harassment unit, they simply cannot stand up to significant firepower. Corruptors and Swarm Guardians are strong in their respective fields, but they lack a single unit that can attack both air and ground well. This suggests that air units will be limited to defense and support for a primarily ground based army. The other two races seem more able to have a well-rounded primarily air-based army. Is this the case, and if so, will anything be done to give the Zerg stronger air options? (sclegacy.com)

Zerg currently has the most powerful anti air unit in terms of damage per second, which is the Hydralisk. Furthermore, while the Mutalisks are not the stronger aerial fighter, they do have flexibility, being able to morph into Swarm Guardians for that additional ground damage and range when needed. Corruptors, in mass groups are also one of the most powerful air to air units, especially considering every unit you kill, makes the battle turn even more into your favor. While we have experimented with other types of Zerg air units, there are no plans to introduce any of them to the multiplayer version of the game.

Karune has divulged alot of Zerg gameplay information as a precursor to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational. Be sure to check SC:L during the WWI for the best coverage on the net!

StarCraft: Legacy would like to thank all of our members who helped us by sending in their pictures and question submissions and Karune for taking the time to answer our questions.



StarCraft is an incredibly rich world, with an engaging story, compelling characters, and unique units and gameplay, StarCraft is more than a game - it is a universe unto itself. The events of Brood War rocked the StarCraft world. Yet Brood War answered many questions but left much more unanswered. For almost ten years lovers of the StarCraft world and in particular its lore have puzzled, theorized, and debated the mysteries contained within the story. Today some of those great mysteries are answered and the stage is set for the shattering events promised in StarCraft II. Recently, StarCraft Legacy was given an opportunity to interview the author of StarCraft's lore. SC:L team members composed a list of fifteen questions to ask Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment's Vice President of Creative Development. He is one of the few Blizzard members to pre-date StarCraft, and is creditted as the master behind StarCraft II's lore. We welcome you to our exclusive StarCraft Lore interview. Fifteen questions. Fifteen answers. Metzen all to ourselves.



  • SC:L - Can you put more emphasis on this quote: "...her (Kerrigan) rebirth into the Zerg Swarm has sped up my progress..." (Duran, Dark Origins)? Why exactly?
  • Metzen - That would be telling... We’ll just have to wait and see what Duran’s motivations are and how Kerrigan’s true role within the Swarm ties into all this galactic-scale maneuvering.



  • SC:L - Please tell us more about the new Protoss Executor, Selendis: her history, her new role etc...
  • Metzen - Selendis - Protoss Templar Executor: Selendis was a student of Artanis. In the new hierarchy now ruling the Protoss she has been elected executor: overall leader of the combined Protoss military forces. At her command, many new weapons and robotic fighting machines have been developed to help preserve Protoss lives in battle, and she is eager to take the battle to the Zerg and reclaim Aiur. Selendis represents the best and brightest of what the Protoss can be--fiercely loyal to her race's ideals, completely dedicated and focused beyond any mere human capacity.


  • SC:L - During the lore panel at BlizzCon - you mentioned that all the Cerebrates had been destroyed by Kerrigan - does this include Daggoth? Many people on our sites are wondering this because he was such an independent and intelligent Zerg character - and they feel if he is dead it's quite the loose end.
  • Metzen - Daggoth is dead, along with the rest of the cerebrates. Kerrigan is the sole power behind the Swarm now. It’s possible that Daggoth could not sustain himself without the Overmind and other cerebrates to power him. We’ve suggested before that the Overmind and its cerebrates were symbiotically linked. The cerebrates were not designed to exist without their creator. That’s a partial reason behind the cerebrates’ merging into a new, singular Overmind during the early events of Brood War.



  • SC:L - Why did the Protoss abandon Arbiters during the time of StarCraft II and what ships do the Judicators now pilot (as Arbiters were "their" ships)?
  • Metzen - After judicators were eliminated from the Protoss power structure, the arbiters quickly fell into disuse. When the Protoss fled to Shakuras, the arbiters were lost along with Aiur.


  • SC:L - What is the fate of the Confederacy's Cerberus unit from the StarCraft precursor campaign? Its concept was very interesting.
  • Metzen - Since the rise of the Terran Dominion, the Cerberus reconnaissance squadron has vanished from the public eye. Many members of the squad died in battle, defending the Confederacy. However, not all of them have been accounted for as of the present date. It is possible that these missing soldiers are alive to this day.



  • SC:L - Was the Protoss Mothership concept based on the giant Protoss ship that fired a wide-"planet-cracker"-like beam in the original StarCraft movie?
  • Metzen - Pretty much. The "planet cracker" concept has always been core to the Protoss kit, so now we finally get the chance to show it working in all its glory. Yeah, the ship in the original intro (while being a bit "Close Encounters") was always the conceptual anchor for the Protoss Mothership idea.


  • SC:L - Adun, Khas, and Doran Routhe are all very important in Protoss and Terran history, but none of them have their ultimate fates revealed. Did they just die normally, or did they perform any other important actions that we merely are not yet aware of.
  • Metzen -

    • After tapping into the primordial psychic bond of his race, Khas dedicated his life to teaching other Protoss to access their latent psionic link. Thanks to his efforts, the Protoss people turned more and more to the discipline of the Khala until they had put the Aeon of Strife behind them. Growing to a ripe old age, Khas passed away peacefully, and his spirit became one with the communal Protoss consciousness that he had helped reestablish.
    • Adun's fate is one of the most controversial questions in the StarCraft universe. Some say he died a hero, defending his people and blazing like a star. Others say he was a tragic victim of the fear and prejudice that had sprung up between the dark templar and the rest of the Protoss people. Still others say that he burned out, struggling to contain psionic energies far beyond what his body could contain. We do know that some time after his death, a prophecy arose that one day he would return to the Protoss people. If you're interested in further details of Adun's life, you might enjoy the upcoming novel StarCraft: Shadow Hunters by Christie Golden (book 2 of the Dark Templar Saga).
    • When the media back on Earth learned that the supercarriers had passed the Gantris system and kept going, Doran Routhe's reputation was ruined almost overnight. The press portrayed him as a monster, a classic egotistical mad scientist conducting experiments regardless of the cost in human life. Vilified by his peers and a laughingstock amid the higher echelons of the UPL, Routhe tried to drop out of sight. The media, encouraged by Routhe's many enemies, pursued him relentlessly until he was driven away from Earth. Fleeing again from the Centauri colonies when he was identified as the architect of the "Gantris disaster", Routhe took shelter among the comet farms of Tau Ceti and ultimately died in obscurity. Rumors persist that he was working on some new project at the time of his death, but whatever this project might have been, if it existed at all, has remained stubbornly hidden to this day.



  • SC:L - In Omega (last Zerg mission in Brood War), Kerrigan sounds like she doesn't have any knowledge about Duran's true nature or whereabouts. Does she have any suspicions or knowledge about him, and how does that and his disappearance factor into her decision to remain quiet on Char after Brood War?
  • Metzen - Very good question. Suffice to say, there are few beings in the universe that know who and what Duran really is. Kerrigan didn’t have a clue. Her isolation on Char for these past few years has little to do with Duran. However, as our story begins to unfold, she may be starting to put some pieces together as to what he was trying to accomplish...


  • SC:L - The profile for the Colossus mentions the Kalath Intercession, or something along those lines. Could you explain what that was?
  • Metzen - Some centuries ago (after the exile of the dark templar) the Protoss of Aiur turned their energies to exploring the Koprulu sector and policing other planets. In the process, the Protoss intervened in the internal disputes of an alien race known as the Kalathi. The Protoss ended up virtually decimating the Kalathi in the process The Kalath Intercession is the Protoss' name for that entire shameful affair (including its disastrous ending for the Kalathi). It swiftly became a cautionary tale to the Protoss about the dangers of getting embroiled in the politics of a civil war. As a result of the Kalath Intercession, the Conclave placed further restrictions upon the Dae'Uhl, or "Great Stewardship". From that point on, the Protoss were never to interfere directly in the affairs of lesser races that were under Protoss protection. Thus, when Terrans arrived in the sector and began draining the natural resources from planet after planet, the Protoss were forbidden to halt the Terrans' reckless behavior.



  • SC:L - How were the Uraj and Khalis crystals created, why, and how did they end up where they were in Brood War?
  • Metzen -

    • How and why were the crystals created? When Xel'naga came down to Aiur, they taught the Protoss many things, including advancements in the technological, biological, and psionic realms. The Protoss' understanding grew, and in their pride the Protoss began to value personal accomplishments more than communal advancement. At first the Xel'naga were intrigued at this turn of affairs and encouraged it. To that end the Xel'naga decided to conduct an experiment of sorts. They cut twin shards out of a monolithic Khaydarin crystal. One shard, named the Uraj by the Xel'naga, was entrusted to the Akilae tribe, many of whose members were mighty warriors. The other shard, named the Khalis by the Xel'naga, was entrusted to the Sargas tribe, many of whose members also excelled at fighting, though their combat style tended more toward stealth and assassination. From that point on, the Xel'naga kept watch over the twin crystals, observing the changes they underwent. Both crystals were venerated as sacred relics by the tribes to which they had been entrusted, but their different environments altered the crystals over time. As the tribes drew further apart from one another, the Uraj and Khalis mirrored this growing divergence, and their energies--even their appearances--became quite different.
    • How did the Uraj end up on Braxis? After the Xel'naga departed Aiur, the Protoss turned on one another, and each of the two tribes hid its crystal away until the Aeon of Strife came to an end. For a time the Templar caste kept watch over the Uraj and used it in their meditations. When the Protoss first began exploring space again, they triumphantly carried the Uraj with them to one of the first colony worlds, Khyrador, and installed it in a place of honor in the colony. Later, mysterious and violent psionic storms broke out on Aiur and its colonies, including Khyrador. Protoss on Khyrador hastily fled the planet and returned to Aiur, leaving many treasured items behind, including the Uraj.
    • How did the Khalis end up on Char? The Khalis remained with the Sargas tribe until the dark templar were banished from Aiur. Shortly afterward it was discovered that the exiles had stolen the Khalis and taken it with them. Some time after the dark templar settled on Shakuras, they (like the Protoss of Aiur) encountered the probes of the Zerg. Further investigation eventually led the dark templar to Char. The dark templar, like their kin back on Aiur, were greatly concerned about the Zerg and chose to test themselves in battle against small bands of Zerg on Char. The Zerg proved frighteningly resilient and numerous, and so the dark templar brought the Khalis to Char so that they might try to wield its energies against the Zerg. Although the Zerg did take casualties, the Overmind soon launched a massive counterattack, overwhelmed the Protoss, and claimed the Khalis. The crystal was left behind on Char when the Swarm went to invade Aiur.


  • SC:L - In the Map of the Month feature of October 2000, you've released a map named Deceptions, where you play a group of pirates called The Kimerans, and infiltrate a secret Confederacy base. The concepts behind the mission are the return of the Confederacy, the Kimeran Pirates, Infested Stukov and the 14 technologies you find which imply on a strong connection between the remains of the Confederacy and Duran). Is there a possibility we'll see some of these technologies take shape in StarCraft II?
  • Metzen - In the Deception map, the notorious Kimeran pirates decided to... ahem, liberate whatever data files they could hack from the main computer of a Confederate science facility. The pirates retrieved a number of files--14 in all--and then got out of there. The files actually didn't reference specific technologies so much as specific topics of research and/or experimentation. No doubt some of this work (e.g., "Utilizing Dragoon Technology For Human Reconstruction") had concrete and promising applications, but some of it clearly wouldn't. For instance, "Offspring of Infested Humans"... there's a scary thought: what sort of experiments would you need for that topic? Doubtful that such experiments could have lasted long or gone anywhere: members of the Swarm make dangerous captives, and any offspring--if they could be produced at all--would be irredeemably unbiddable. Other data files had vague and overly ambitious titles that an academic might use in the hopes of bluffing somebody into providing a grant for research... without specifying precisely what he's going to be studying (e.g., "The Origin Of The Species"). In short, we might see references to one or two of these topics in the future, but I wouldn't necessarily count on it. The Kimeran pirates probably turned a tidy profit from selling the data files off and that was that. Who knows where those files are now?



  • SC:L - Are Resurrection IV and the events that occurred within it canon (Existence of Taldarin, Raynor helping Artanis, De-infestation of Stukov and purification of Braxis especially)?
  • Metzen -

    • Taldarin is indeed canon. He is one of the greatest warriors of the Protoss. He fought alongside the mighty Adun. Wounded in battle, his body was kept in stasis until the dragoon exoskeleton was created. He was one of the first Protoss to become a dragoon. That said, we have begun to nail down the StarCraft timeline since this map was made, so disregard Taldarin's assertion that he fought alongside Adun three millennia before the events of the Resurrection map. Also, Taldarin's body didn't stay in stasis for several thousand years. Both time periods were significantly shorter than that. We'd rather not get more specific right now lest it interfere with the development of StarCraft II, but rest assured that having a fully fleshed out timeline is definitely our goal. <:
    • Jim Raynor did indeed work with the Protoss, including Artanis and Taldarin, and Alexei Stukov was indeed freed from the Swarm (thanks to the serum devised by Protoss scientists) long enough for Raynor, Taldarin, and Stukov to get off the planet. At that point, Artanis gave the order to purify (yes, meaning "incinerate" :) the planet of Braxis. That said, Braxis is an ice planet, and so it has since frozen back over.


  • SC:L - Are the 2 Enslavers campaigns canon in the StarCraft universe, or you've just released them as a fun add-on and sort of an example for what StarEdit was capable of?
  • Metzen - They are canon. That said, as you'll recall, the plot branched in "Enslavers: Dark Vengeance", and the rest of the story was based on the decision that players made there. We have since decided which branch is considered canonical. In case you're curious, the Protoss chose to reclaim the stolen Khaydarin crystal, and in the process they discovered that Ulrezaj had created 5 twisted copies of it. The Protoss destroyed these warped crystals, but by then, Allen Schezar and the archon Ulrezaj had positioned an orbital space station with an EMP device over Shakuras. Although Zeratul tried to persuade Ulrezaj to set aside his bitterness, Ulrezaj would not be swayed: he was determined to drive the Protoss of Aiur from Shakuras. At Zeratul's command, Protoss forces destroyed the EMP generator and killed Schezar for his crimes against the Protoss race. Ulrezaj, however, escaped Protoss justice... and seething with hatred, he vowed that one day he would yet have vengeance against the Protoss of Aiur. (Note by SC:L - According to the StarCraft: Shadow Hunters' book description, Ulrezaj is alive and sealed underground on Aiur).


  • SC:L - What order will the campaigns be played in SCII and why?
  • Metzen - Can’t answer that one. That would give away the flow of the story. :)


  • SC:L - And last, for our own curiosity - you referred to Tassadar as a "twilight messiah" during the lore panel on BlizzCon - is there ever a chance of seeing his return in some form or another?
  • Metzen - What goes around comes around. You know our Blizzard heroes: they roll back from the brink of death more often than the original X-Men. Seriously, though – given what the Khala is, and some of the other upcoming themes we’ve devised – it’s probable that Tassadar’s spirit is out there somewhere. However, I wouldn’t count on his pulling a "Medivh" any time soon... (if ever).


Metzen has revealed an amazing amount of canon lore through this exclusive Q&A. Some who have already read the feature have called it as informative and important to the story as the manual itself. One thing is certain - these answers set the scene for the secret and spectacular events of StarCraft II. We have learned much but once again where there are answers - even more questions arise. It is a distinct possibility that official novels will continue to exercise the demons of lore, but Blizzard has always been legendary for its secretive disposition. StarCraft Legacy hopes to continue its excellent working relationship with Blizzard, including Metzen, to bring you the all the revelations within our favorite universe.

The SC:L Staff would like to thank Chris Metzen and his entire team for allowing us both the opprotunity to ask our questions but for answering them so fully for a fansite. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

-SC:L Staff


This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) exclusive.


Update 3: The artist is Redknuckle.

SC:L reported earlier that a new Sons of the Storm artist was coming and that it might be Cole Eastburn. We have just received confirmation of the artist's identity. However, it is not Cole Eastburn, though he is indeed working at Blizzard.

Who is the new Sons of the Storm artist? You'll just have to wait and see.


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Sons of the Storm


Today Blizzard released Episode 7 of the BlizzCast series.  Although it contains no StarCraft II or Diablo III information, hearing from the developers of our favorite games is never a bad thing.

Blizzcast Episode 7

CG Channel has recently gotten a chance to interview the Blizzard cinematic team. Though the interview mainly discusses the Wrath of the Lich King trailer, some insight into StarCraft II cinematics is given as well:


How many artists work at Blizzard on in-game assets vs. cinematics? Do any artists get to work on both?

The numbers change depending on the team and project, so it hard to provide a specific comparative ratio. We do share artists between projects on occasion. For example, members of the cinematics team have contributed pretty heavily to the art for the StarCraft II single-player campaign.


We have mentioned that Blizzard's cinematic work has achieved film quality results. When one watches the suit build of Iron Man vs. StarCraft II, it is difficult to distinguish one as being 'film' and one as being 'games'. Have you been hiring film industry veterans to achieve this convergence of visual quality between film and games, or has your team simply matured?

A bit of both. We've definitely hired a lot of individuals from the film industry and have welcomed the experience they bring. Our department has also matured quite a bit by just working at it over and over for the past 13 years.

Additionally, the quality that's achievable with out-of-the-package software has increased quite a bit recently. As a result, we're seeing Hollywood hiring smaller effects houses over the big houses, and smaller game companies achieving film quality with only a handful of very ambitious and extremely hardworking people.

Those interested in seeing how Blizzard develops their cinematics should definitely check the article out.

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CG Channel - The Making of WoW: WoTLK Trailer

Update: The new artist is most likely Cole Eastburn. Cole admits to attaining a job at Blizzard Entertainment on ConceptArt.org's forums; he has the following to say about his new position at Blizzard:

Cole Eastburn wrote:
Hey everyone!!!

Damn, where's this guy been eh? lol.

Well, I have a good reason for not posting these last few months. I just achieved one of my major life goals.

I just started my position at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!

So yeah, its amazing so far, and im just trying to get settled and moved into my new place...(which is samwise's old house...the dude is freaking awesome cool by the way) and yeah, its a dream come true. I learned a ton while i was at the atelier for those few months, but blizzard contacted me and i had to cut my time there, because when blizzard offers you a job, and its been your life dream to work there...you take that shit. And I get to work with a ton of amazing artists all day and theres a real chance to grow, so its just amazing.

I work for on the world of warcraft dungeon team. And everyone is just super cool its ridiiculous, and really nice. I'm still pretty itimidated though, so i need, i figure...8 years to come out of my shell and actually be myself around the team lol.

Cole says that he works on a World of Warcraft art team, so we might not be seeing too much StarCraft art from him anytime soon. Nonetheless, StarCraft: Legacy would like to congratulate Cole on landing his dream job at Blizzard Entertainment, and we wish him the best of luck in his endeavors in the company.

Thanks to Sybarite as well for the heads up.


Sons of the Storm, the sanctuary for Blizzard artists, will have a new artist soon added to their ranks, as indicated by the Artists page. Currently among them is Samwise, Metzen, Twincruiser, Thammer, Raneman and the recently recruited Drawgoon.


Hopefully the new artist's focus will be on StarCraft. In the meantime, there is plenty of Warcraft and Diablo art to be enjoyed on Sons of the Storm. New art for the Zerg Queen surfaced a while ago after BlizzCon.

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