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starcraft 2



starcraft 2

- Transcript -

Q: Can you repair lifted-off Terran buildings while they're in air?

A: Yes. It'd be a huge pain to have buildings land to be repaired - you would have to move units out of the way, get SCVs, etc. We figured you can repair Banshees so why not floating buildings?

Q: I noticed you moved the Protoss Immortal to the Robotics Facility. How is that working out?

A: We're not sure if it's going to stick. We haven't been testing this that much internally. The game is too easy going down the Twilight Council, Dark Templar, High Templar path with the Immortal sitting right there. It's a walk in the park to get them. People go that way in the tech tree anyways, so if a Terran player went Siege Tanks the Protoss player would already have Immortal tech. With Warp-In it was too easy to spam and too easy a decision to make. The whole branch was too simple. The Robotics Facility is a little out of the way, the player can't warp them in and has to build multiple Robotics Facilities.

Q: Any plans on making the Protoss Observer not so easy to lose? It frequently loses its place in an army somewhere.

A: I agree, I've had the same issue. We definitely will work on little stuff like that and make sure that everything "pops" with the graphics.

Q: There's no Immortal Hardened Shield upgrade ability in this build. Was that just missing?

A: We tried it a couple different ways. We had it as an upgrade. It did nothing because you could upgrade it so quickly it just didn't make that much of a difference. Right now it's just on by default.

Q: So when you click on the Immortal there's no passive icon?

A: No. Probably what happened is we made an upgrade, removed the passive icon and then when we put it back in we forgot to put the passive icon back.


starcraft 2

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) feature event article.

starcraft legacy

press release issued today stated that Ozzy Osborne will be headlining the closing ceremony of BlizzCon 2009, a week from this coming Saturday.  This performance will continue his involvement with Blizzard Entertainment that began with his World of WarCraft advertisement.

Ozzy Osborne @ Blizzcon Press Release

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The BlizzCon store was opened to those that purchased tickets (I never thought I'd regret having a press pass). The items that were available are as follows (click for larger version):
Additionally a StarCraft II poker set has been announced and will be on sale at BlizzCon.
The BlizzCon site has also been updated with a short preview video of the event. As well as the map list for the StarCraft Invitational tournament:
  • Colosseum II
  • Destination
  • Heartbreak Ridge
  • Neo Medusa
  • Outsider

The latest in Blizzard's own podcast series, Blizzcast Episode 10, has been released.  It is focused mainly on the recent 3.2 patch for World of WarCraft although there is also a brief discussion of BlizzCon.  Speaking of which...
starcraft 2 - blizzcon 2009

Blizzard recently announced that the online tournament streams, provided every year at BlizzCon for free, will this year be available in both high quality and low quality formats:

We are pleased to announce that this year, for the first time, all of our streaming tournament coverage for BlizzCon will be available in both high-resolution and low-resolution formats, and you can choose whichever fits your available bandwidth. The BlizzCon website (http://www.blizzard.com/blizzcon/tournaments) will host one stream featuring StarCraft and Warcraft III events and another dedicated to World of Warcraft. As in previous years, all of this streaming tournament coverage will be provided free of charge. Be sure to tune in to find out which teams and players are the best in the world by visiting the BlizzCon site on August 21 and 22. 

To clarify, the tournament coverage streams are free, but to watch panels, see new announcements as they are made, or receive the in-game pet, you will need to order the Pay Per View Internet stream (http://blizzcon.rayv.com/).

The World of WarCraft and WarCraft III brackets have already been announced with the StarCraft brackets presumedly waiting for the conclusion of the GOMTV tournament, the first, second and third place players being invited to BlizzCon.

BlizzCon Tournament Coverage Streaming

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Update 3: The event wrap-up which contains much pertinent information can be found here.

Update 2: SC:L took the following shots of StarCraft II posters at the event:

starcraft 2 - Blizzard Poster starcraft 2 - Blizzard Poster

Update: A recent interview with JoyStiq reveals that Jim Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk will have their original voice actors return in StarCraft II!

In addition, we have updated this news post with coverage from around the web. If you have any further StarCraft II questions, be sure to ask our staff directly on the forums.

starcraft 2

An average day in California goes as expected.  People head for work, school or leisure time as they see fit and the world continues to revolve.  A small crowd gathers outside a gate in Anaheim.  This collection of gamers - representatives of a ten million strong fanbase - are here to meet, greet, play and discuss their hobby.  They're the first in a week long cavalcade of press; all here to savor Blizzard's latest piece of gaming crack - StarCraft II, pre-beta.

Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's coverage of the June 22, 2009 Blizzard press event. We have quite few articles for your viewing pleasure today, but first we are obligated to present this HD gameplay video showcasing five different matchups. Be sure to set the video on full screen for an optimal viewing experience.


Click here for standard quality.

Originally the June 22nd, 2009 conference was to be a major unveiling, but plans were changed at the last minute.  Due to tickets and times already being arranged however, the event went ahead.  Thus the day became a more general press event, a chance for direct feedback and questions.  Information regarding SC2s LAN capabilities was also released - there won't be any, due to Battle.net features that should take their place but are not currently discussable.

All the StarCraft II media such as screenshots to emerge from the event will be in the June 22, 2009 StarCraft II Media article. The information retrieved by our reporter, Zero, will be catalogued in two different articles.  "My Day at Blizzard 2", describing his personal experiences throughout the day with some StarCraft II information and a combined effort with Rylin in "June 22, 2009 StarCraft II Review," a collection of all the information that was made available. If you have any additional StarCraft II questions feel free to ask our staff directly on the forums.

SC:L Articles:

starcraft 2

The following links are a collection of the most relevant StarCraft II information from the press event around the web:

starcraft 2

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) feature event.

starcraft 2

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Today StarCraft: Legacy was invited to attend a press event in Irvine by Blizzard Entertainment. StarCraft: Legacy's field reporter, Zero, is there and will update us with information. We will be using this news post throughout the today to keep everyone apprised.

Attendees are currently being treated to a variety of StarCraft II games i.e. a Protoss vs. Protoss and a Terran vs. Protoss game.

Here is a screenshot of StarCraft II's multiplayer game lobby posted by our friends at TeamLiquid:

starcraft 2 multiplayer


In addition, according to TL's twitter, replays in StarCraft II can now rewind!


starcraft 2

TeamLiquid Twitter

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Update 2: A fourth BlizzCon ticket contest from StarCraft-Source has just emerged:

Epic Fail Contest - Come up with the wackiest / funniest idea that would be rejected by Blizzard. Whether it's an NPC in Diablo, a new unit in Starcraft 2, a game mechanic. Use your imagination, the options are endless.

Franchise Fan Contest - This contest is designed for everyone, no creativity required. Just follow the simple steps listed below and you have a chance to win!


See the contest page for full details on how to enter.

Update: The StarCraft Wiki is giving away three BlizzCon tickets as well:

Thanks to Blizzard, we have 3 tickets to BlizzCon 2009 to give out to all the Blizzard lovers on Wikia! Now, rumors abound regarding what awaits at BlizzCon, and we've got a few guesses as to what might be revealed - StarCraft II beta news, Diablo III characters and possible beta key info, as well as a possible WoW expansion due sooner rather than later, but you'll have to tell us!

Fresh out of, ahem, more creative ideas and desperately in need of a good laugh, we decided to have a limerick contest. Submit your most creative limericks for a panel of judges to peruse and get a chance to win a coveted BlizzCon '09 ticket.

See the contest page for full details on how to enter.

SC2Pod is giving away three BlizzCon 2009 tickets in a raffle:

Both opportunities to buy BlizzCon tickets have passed, didn't manage to get any? Or got yours but would like to bring a friend? Now is your chance, we've got 3 tickets to give away and we're going to keep it real simple this year with just a big raffle, without any entry requirements.


See the news post for full details on how to enter.

StarCraft2Forum is also giving away three BlizzCon 2009 tickets in their joke contest:

So you didn't manage to get BlizzCon tickets during either buy period? We're here to help. With a simple joke you can earn yourself entrance to one of the premiere gaming conventions in the world.
How do I win, you ask? Just make sure you're registered on StarCraft2Forum.org, visit this thread and post your best StarCraft joke. You only get one post, so make it good! Edited posts will also be disqualified so be sure to submit only when you're sure of your joke! Submissions are due by June 11th, 2009.

The best jokes will be voted on by SC2F Hyperion and the top joke will receive (2) BlizzCon Tickets and (2) StarCraft2Forum.org T-Shirts. The runner-up will receive (1) BlizzCon Ticket and (1) StarCraft2Forum.org T-shirt.


See the contest page for full details on how to enter.

SC2Pod - BlizzCon Ticket Raffle

StarCraft2Forum - BlizzCon Tickets Contest
StarCraft Wiki - BlizzCon Contest 2009
StarCraft-Source - Win Blizzcon 2009 Tickets

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Just a reminder to those planning on attempting to buy BlizzCon 2009 tickets - they are on sale at 10:00 AM PDT. They will go extremely fast - the first batch sold out in literally mere seconds. If you don't have a Blizzard account already, and want a ticket, get it now. By the time you complete the registration, they'll already be gone. Also, make sure you're on a very fast computer, because one mistake or lagtime could cost you the ticket.

Good luck everyone!

BlizzCon 2009 Tickets Page

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