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Update: Blizzard has confirmed that the future BlizzCon won't be in Vegas. Please disregard this news post.

A quick look at the Las Vegas Convention Center website reveals an interesting booking for this upcoming summer: BlizzCon 2010! The date is also interesting, being at the end of July, leading into August.  One could easily speculate, since Most BlizzCons historically have been tied to a large announcment or release, that this BlizzCon could coincide with the release of StarCraft II.  Which if we're not mistaken, up until now, has been more of a mythical creature than an actual video game being released onto shelves.

The World Series of Poker takes place in las Vegas in July as well, so basically the two greatest things in the world will be together at the same place at the same time: Blizzard and Texas Hold 'Em!  Several SC:L staff members will be there, including SaharaDrac and LordofAscension. So start planning your trips now!

Las Vegas Convention Center Website
Battle.net - Clarification - BlizzCon 2010 not at Vegas

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Cydra has announced the return of their popular Vespene Laughs comic contest.

We're pleased to announce the return of the monthly StarCraft "Vespene Laughs" Comic Contest on October 29! We received a ton of funny and creative entries in our previous contest; now we’re inviting you to make the galaxy laugh once more.

To participate in each month's contest, simply submit your entries here (http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/community/contests/starcraftcomic/index.html) by the 28th of the following month. The first-place winner each month will win keys to the upcoming StarCraft II beta. Check out the official rules for more information here (http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/community/contests/starcraftcomic/rules.html).


There were some pretty humorous selections in the past and as we get closer to release of StarCraft 2 we can look forward to some more great comics.

Battle.net - StarCraft Comic Contest Returns!
Blizzard.com - StarCraft "Vespene Laughs" Comic Contest

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The latest in Blizzard's own podcast series, BlizzCast Episode 11, has been released. It recaps the major happenings, announcements, and other highlights of this year’s BlizzCon.  Two new screenshots have been released as well from within it's transcript.
Zeratul Observing a Temple      Tycus observes a computer panel

Sons of the Storm is a website created by a collection of core Blizzard artists, including Samwise Didier and Chris Metzen, to share their artistic endeavors.  Over time it has expanded to seven artists showcasing their brilliant work spanning from concept pieces to finished work.

They have recently released an Official Blizzcon '09 Article chronicling their adventures in picture. 

The 7 Sons of the Storm
The Sons of the Storm from Left to Right:  Samwise Didier, Chris Metzen, René Koiter, Trevor Jacobs, Glenn Rane, Peter Lee, Mark Gibbons

Sons of the Storm
Sons of the Storm - Official Blizzcon '09 Article

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There has been a recent influx of false information being discussed in the Starcraft 2 General Discussion Forums surrounding a fake Community Manager releasing unconfirmed information through twitter.

Karune took time to clarify any confusion caused.

We wanted to remind everyone that information concerning Blizzard games released on Twitter that does not originate from our official Twitter pages (linked below for reference), is not legitimate. Furthermore, while our Community Management team remains active on Twitter, we only make official "tweets" on our official Twitter pages.

Official Blizzard Entertainment Twitter Pages

@Warcraft - http://twitter.com/warcraft
@StarCraft - http://twitter.com/starcraft
@Diablo - http://twitter.com/diablo


The @starcraft twitter account also revealed that Blizzcast Episode 11 has finished it's recording phase.

@StarCraft @Warcraft @Diablo #WoW CMs just finished recording the #BlizzCon recap for BlizzCast Episode 11.


Battle.net - Twitter Imposters
Twitter.com - @Starcraft


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Blizzard has just relaunched their website:

Welcome to the newly redesigned Blizzard.com! Featuring a brand-new design, this website is the focal point for all official Blizzard Entertainment news, press releases, and much, much more.


They have also revamped the site for the original StarCraft! Blizzard has even obtained their own YouTube channel, which currently contains HD trailers for all their games.

YouTube - Blizzard Channel

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Be sure to tune in to the pre-BlizzCon Q&A at BlizzLive at 6:00PM PDT August 20th to chat with our BlizzCon attendees in Anaheim. Bring your StarCraft II questions that you want our staff to pay attention to during the convention!

Also, the first photos from BlizzCon have been updated in the photo section of BlizzLive. Remember, all of SC:L's BlizzCon coverage will be over there, so update your RSS feeds and make sure to check BlizzLive frequently.


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StarCraft Legacy is proud to announce a new collaborative effort to achieve the highest quality of Blizzard event coverage. BlizzLive.com shall be the epicenter of Blizzard event coverage for StarCraft Legacy and the rest of the ORG network:

The ORG Network is pleased to announce a new project created by the collaborative efforts of three of its flagship member sites, StarCraft Legacy, Starcraft.org, and StarCraft 2 Forum. BlizzLive.com is a new site; its purpose  -  providing the best, most accurate, and up-to-date coverage of Blizzard’s events. Our ambitious new project will provide fast, professional coverage of all of Blizzard’s live events. The site’s first event will be this year’s BlizzCon.

Staff members from all three sites will be working together to produce and distribute the best quality content. BlizzCon coverage from our contributing member sites will be exclusively available on BlizzLive. We’ll be covering all of the major news, panels, and events. As a part of our coverage we’re planning the following:

  • Coverage of All Breaking News
  • Photos
  • Video Coverage (talk show style from the floor)
  • Live Blogging
  • Panel Articles and Videos
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • StarCraft II Gameplay Impressions
  • Diablo III Gameplay Impressions

Starting Thursday, August 20th, BlizzLive will go live and the staff will be hosting a live chat to introduce ourselves, gather your last minute questions and speculate on what secrets BlizzCon '09 has to offer. And then on Friday, August 21st, BlizzLive will begin our coverage of BlizzCon 2009. Be sure to bookmark the new site and continually check for updates as we deliver the best of BlizzCon directly to you.
Don't forget to use the reminder below and visit our site Thursday, August 20th at 6 P.M. (PST) for the live Pre-BlizzCon Q&A with our staff on the ground in Anaheim.



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BlizzCon 2009 begins this Friday August 21, with four halls open to the public. The StarCraft tournament bracket has been updated - Nada and Savior will be playing in the tournament just like last year. The schedule has been posted on the BlizzCon site (note that it goes by Pacific Standard Time). See StarFeeder for an image of the schedule if the BlizzCon site gives an error.

Finally, the map of the show area has been added:

blizzcon 2009 map


Blizzard.com - BlizzCon 2009

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Blizzard Entertainment has just created twitter accounts for its three main franchises, StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. They are all skeleton accounts at the moment, however, with Karune's recent comment about Twitter, it's possible that they might be used for BlizzCon:

There will be lots of ways to get information, including the fan sites as well. In addition to that, I hear Twitter isn't to shabby of a way to getting info too ;)


The following is a press release from Blizzard regarding the Twitter accounts:

You can now follow all of your favorite Blizzard Entertainment news on Twitter. Just head over to @Warcraft, @StarCraft, or @Diablo for all of the news, events, contests, and more. We’re starting off with a bang, so you can enter contests for each of the franchises:

1. @Warcraft -- Let out your #BattleCry to show your allegiance to Horde or Alliance in preparation for BlizzCon! Win Horde and Alliance prize packages while showing off your pictures during the ongoing battle across Twitter!
2. @StarCraft -- Are you the biggest #SC2fan? If you are, you will have a chance at 500 StarCraft II beta keys we’re giving away in this challenge.
3. @Diablo -- Have you always wanted to have an item in a game that you've named? Enter the #d3unique contest with your best item name and you could win the grand prize of seeing your item wielded by Diablo III players worldwide.

As we head into BlizzCon, we’ll also have live coverage and provide a spot to talk about news as it happens in real time. Be sure to check it out for contests and more over the next week. Do you plan to watch the DIRECTV Pay Per View or Internet stream? We’ll be Twittering live at the event and looking for your tweets! Things won’t end there, and we’re looking for you to help us reach a twittercal mass on our new Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo Twitter communities.


Also, be sure to follow StarCraft: Legacy's Twitter as well as StarCraft.org's for all the latest news.

Battle.net - What should I do to see Blizzcon stuff?
Blizzard StarCraft Twitter
Blizzard Diablo Twitter
Blizzard Warcraft Twitter

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