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It's been ten years since we last saw our beloved heroes fight for ultimate dominance in the Koprulu Sector. And in those ten years the mysteries and the questions raised by Brood War have gone unanswered. That changes now.

As many of you know during BlizzCon and the RTS summit I met and interviewed many of the influential personalities behind the StarCraft universe. Many ideas and relationships sprung up from those meetings and introductions and SC:L is proud to present the first fruits from those labors. Several weeks ago Metzen and the creative development team behind the StarCraft universe agreed to answer some of the most pressing and important questions posed by the SC:L Staff. Today we are pleased to release this exclusive Q&A to the general public.

Nearly every question is answered in full. Some answers clear up inconsistencies in the timeline, some clarify events, some lay the foundation for the SCII plotline, and still others contain definitive answers to some of the most puzzling questions left unanswered in the universe. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy this feature. Prepare yourself for the continuation of an amazing universe, through StarCraft II, by remembering the past.

The SC:L Staff would like to thank Chris Metzen and his entire team for allowing us both the opportunity to ask our questions but for answering them so fully for a fansite. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. Without further ado - I present to you the SC:L Exclusive Lore Q&A.

-SC:L Staff

SC:L - Metzen Exclusive Lore Q&A
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