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Voting is now open for the games selection in the World Cyber Games 2008. We encourage you to take a minute and vote for StarCraft! Over a decade old, SC simply matures with age. The professional community is still alive and kicking, so let's make sure it's included in WCG 2008!

You will notice that StarCraft II is an option. Please, if you are voting for SCII - vote for it as your secondary choice. Knowing Blizzard, the game probably won't be ready for WCG '08. If you don't vote for StarCraft: Brood War as your primary, another game may win out. This is unacceptable! It's a given SCII will be in the mix if it's ready and released, so please spend your vote wisely!

You can vote here.

WCG 2008 Games Selection

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