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Right off the heels of their interview with Dustin Browder, StarCraft2.net.pl has conducted an interesting video interview with Chris Sigaty, lead producer of StarCraft II. See it here!

starcraft 2

Starcraft2.4players.de has conducted their own interview with Chris Sigaty. The following topics are covered:

- No replays in single-player.
- Observers can not communicate with players.
- Joining current games is not possible.
- There is a total of 8 players allowed in the core game + 4 observer.
- At customs games 12 players are allowed, but then without observers.
- There will be a league with no-rush maps for beginners.
- Expansion are not stand-alone and need Wings of Liberty.
- Voice Chat confirmed.
- At the Terran Campaign you can play also Protoss , but not Zerg
- Demo will be after Starcraft 2 is shipped.
- Language packs will follow after release.

Read the rest here.

StarCraft2.net.pl - Chris Sigaty Video Interview
StarCraft2.4players.de - Chris Sigaty Interview

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