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We can say what we like about slow news and the spirit of the community, but some weeks there just isn't enough content.  This quiet before the storm might mean a storm is coming - but goodness me could it hurry up?  Anyway, the week after we postpone this courageous piece of regular StarCraft journalism is surefire to be packed with interesting tidbits, tournaments, blue posts and community hard-hitters right?  Three out of four isn't bad for this edition of the...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


As a nice sequel to our review of the third Dark Templar novel (which, incidentally, isn't released in the UK until May 2010), Gradius wrote up his thoughts on Frontlines Volume 3.  Warning: spoilers within.

Who wants an awesome mouse-pad?  We offer you the chance at a limitied edition SteelSeries StarCraft II one in our latest contest.  Get to work!

Using the full holy trinity of games journalism (video, image and text) StarCraft Legacy reported on the StarCraft II exhibition matches taking place at the E-stars Seoul event.

StarCraft Legacy is hiring!  Think you can write, draw, design or report as well as us?  Then check out our Opportunities page.  Inquiries can also be made in this thread.


Blizz News


This would be the one part of four mentioned in the introduction that was not forfilled - Blizzard's practice at the moment is the very definition of calm before the storm.  Sadly, the smart money says Blizzcon is the storm and that's still a month away.  With luck, another Q&A and semi-regular blue posts will keep us going until we batten down the hatches against a (hopefully) relative hurricane of information. 

However, there was a couple of threads asking questions related to the MULE and other macro mechanics, to which Karune provided the answers:

Calling down the MULE is much more effective in terms of collecting additional resources (each will gain more than +100 during it's duration) but if those supplies keep you at cap by mistake, the supply depot call down can quickly get you back on track for your build order/timed push.
The amount that the MULE gathers is subject to balance, but it will be more than the cost of a supply depot by a generous amount.

The Orbital Command, Queen, and Obelisk do not have cooldowns. This means 'yes' you can drop down several MULEs all at the same time. The abilities for the Queen and Obelisk will not be as forgiving if you forget to use the abilities, as you can only queue one set of larva at a time per hatchery, and probes with additional probe buffs will not stack, but it will reset its duration.

Currently, the minerals the MULE is holding when it dies are lost unfortunately. 

The Obelisk's shield regeneration is currently at a 1:1 ratio and the energy transfer ability is at a 2:1 ratio (Obelisk energy to unit casting energy). These ratios are of course subject to balance. Originally, the energy transfer ability was at a 1:1 and that proved to be much too easy to fire off consecutive Psi Storms on incoming enemies while defending and attacking.

In my opinion, both recharge abilities are very useful, but often times it is better to build a second Obeliskwhen you can afford it to then use those abilities. If you are 100% efficient with probe buff, your first Obelisk should never have extra energy for the use of other abilities.

And here we were saying we're light on information right now.  There was also an answer of "yes" to a question regarding whether MULEs can be dropped directly onto mineral patches for instant, automatic mining.  This makes the ability slightly more fire and forget - probably for the best considering its use in the most action packed areas of play.


Fan Art
This week's piece comes from kiril27 aka Kirill Ponomarenko, with a beautiful shot of Terran space forces. If you have any suggestions for the fan art segment, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Community News


TeamLiquid's Highlander tournament kicked off recently and the results of RO16 and RO32 are now available, with a couple of surprising upsets and good performances.  They also reported on StarCraft II's ban from ChinaJoy 2009 (a sort of Chinese E3), casting fears about the possibility of the game not being sold in one of Blizzard's most successful markets.

Although it now likely comes under the heading "old" by our advanced internet timing mechanisms, this video is a brilliant example of all the amazing things that happen every single year in the professional community.

SC2pod made some tech trees which you can see here, nice detail and lovely use of the unit renders.

The Legacy Weekly approves: Storms, but not the calm before them.
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